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  1. "Ladies and Gentlemen -- and all androgynous creatures -- your attention please! I'm going to have to ask you all to please refrain from using your imaginations!"

    -- Odo (If Wishes Were Horses)


    I was lmao when I heard this phrase!!! HAHAHA Soo funny


    :dude::wow::bow::wow::bow: :huh: :bow:

  2. Sex Appeal doesn't mean nudity or perversion. Sex Appeal can be as simple as lip stick on a female character or shoulder pads on a male character. The style of shoes used can be sex appeal. The way a woman bats her eyes or the way a man may portray a character is sex appeal. It's all perceptions. You really need to get past the word "Sex" being a "bad" thing.

    I don't consider sex a bad thing, I just don't see what any of that has anything to do with sexuallity. :grin:

    Then I'm afraid I'm not qualified to help.

    Why are we all talking about sex appeals? :assimilated:

  3. DS9, its haunting melody is simply beautiful.

    True somewhat. Thats whats the best part of all Star Trek, I hope you agree. I mean space is a place of lonliness, the stars seems to be far away and you seem to touch it with your pathetic, little fingers. When you stare off into space, you will hear voices in your head saying that you are alone, frighten of being in space all alone and scared.


    DS9 has perhaps the best theme song of all times, its haughting melody that seems to ring on and on in our ears and we can't ignore it. Its so beautiful....so dang beautiful and lonely.......

  4. :waaaa: - the guy wants to spam the Chat room, but now its not sure

    :) - the guy who thought he saw someone kissing a moderator.

    :elephant: - the guy who thinks ddillard did a surburb job on the Chat rooms

    :elephant: - the guy who gave VaBeach Guy "The Look"

    :bow: - the guy who bows before the All-Powerful powers of a Moderator

    :elephant: - the guy who thinks hes a dude, not a dud, but who really cares?

    :tear: - the guy who thinks making stupid jokes in front of a Moderator is funny

    :elephant: - the guy who heard that the Actriss playing Ensign Cuttler died

    :tear: - the guy who couldn't take her death personally

    :) The guy who thinks he's the next in line of Elvis Presely


    There, some funny emocations too. Will add some more!

  5. Does it matter? I say let the Star Trek producers do what they want with the Romulans. If you want my opinion, I say get all alien races, Romulans and the other Federation Deadly enemy, and get them all together for an major upcoming war...War with the Borg. The Borg are deadliest enemy of all star trek. :waaaa: