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  1. I found that troi and riker went to fast at the end, they weren't dating any more, and hadn't been for years and hten suddenyl they are all over eachother in the movies. And picard and beverly, well that just made me mad! they so should have made something of it all! dax and worf were pretty ok....

  2. i got here when startrek.com closed their chat room down. all us old loungers needed a place to go and we found this place. adn we also brought with us all our trouble makers and all our fun, but then they got all strict on us :( i guess no one really used the chat much before we came along.

  3. Ezri Dax naked :)

    Hmm.I maybe ought to try that :(

    i actually have a picture of that. a startrek background and the makeup going all the way down. i think i found it on bearshare.i cant remember what i was looking for but i seen ezri dax and checked it out, i was suprised. anyway, im famous im the number 17th reason people find us. :)




    well, hasnt she been naked on the show before? (of course they dont show anything "imoprtant" though) i was always jealous of her when he woke up in bed wiht bashir *evil glare* i wish i could have been her.

  4. hm, weelll i was born and raised in canda, on my mums side everyone is pureblooded ukrainian. on my dads side, my grandmother is 100% irish my grandpa is scottich and french and... i thitnk that might be it.. thers probly somehtign else mixed in there that i dont know about..


    my grandfathers side of the family is very proud of thier scottish heritage. i know one of my relatives has our entire history memorise back a looong way, but we are trying to get it all out of him cuz hes dying from cancer. its very hard fro him to keep his mind on one thing now the cancer is all in his brian, but i figure that ok cuz we all know the basics, and then some little details we dont really need. and we all have our family crest displays in at least one place in our house.


    ^.^ hehe, kiss me! im irish! :(

  5. i used to know exactly waht i wanted to be and everything.. but now im kinda all mixed up. i know i want to be married to someone i love, i know i want to learn at least one forien language (besides french! so many years of repeating hte same lessons in elementry can drive you insane! if you want to teach kids a language actually teach it!) i want to go to university, i want to improve my horribly failing art skills ^.^; im supposibly learning the guitar right now (if any one can help me i'd be thaknful!) and... welll.. as for what i want to take in university.. i dunno any more.. but i will go into space before i die!! and i will get at least one peice of my horrible writing published!... one of these days :thumbs:

  6. yes ^.^ happy fathers day! (sorry for actually burning the spaggetti dad n.n; heh) :thumbs:


    i hope all those whom have lost their father or cant be with them on fatheres day remeber that even if there, doesnt make it any less a special day for YOU.


    edit for the spelling :eek:

  7. well.. my old compy (poor compy the movers broke her..used to be othe old old fam comp, i thitn we got her back in 98 or 99) used ME (but it was 98 before i had to update to add on additional hard drive stuff -.-) i was being pestered to update thoguh, but i liked it.. it was old but it worked for me. now my new compy (the old family one) has XP on it and its evil -.- it just is.. i dont htink i even have basic solitair on it! waht ever happend to the good old days!? :thumbs:

  8. hey ppls!

    ok heres my little problem, i moved to texas a couple moonths ago (omg! kill me! the heat!! drowns in the humidity*) and well if found a nice couple of friends that iv quickly become close to and such kinda like back home, only of course different. but theres this guy im "friends" with. his name is scott and "i like you lots and think your really really really pretty, ext..." only we are simple friends, but only becasue hes super mormon (not that hteres anythign wrong wiht mormons or anything hting like that) and hes all like "you cant kiss till yoru married!" so we are.. simply friends.. which makes me all :thumbs: -.-

    but now his B-day is in 8 days and i have to get him a prez. he doenst need a watch.. the good colone and stuff is too expensive.. im not geting him more x-box games to obses over and i have a limited price range. even his mum doenst know what to get him (but then again all 3 of her boys have b-days within a week of eachother and all demand thier own cake and such! poor mum...) but his mum did suggest just getting him a basket and putting abunch of food snack stuff in it liek sunflourseeds and pringlesa nd chocolate.. cuz well.. frankly guys eat.. and eat.. and eat... alot.. especialy when they are teen agers!


    so i need suggestions! it has to be somehtign nice, but not too nice.. somthing that says i care.. but not like.. i love you cuz "we're just friends" and it cant be too expensive!!! and hes really obsessed wiht star wars, he ranted about the new movie since the night he wnet and saw it and has only recently calmed down about it. any one know any good stuff?! :eek:

  9. ok well the thing doesnt seem to want to post right so ill just tell you waht i got, i got inuyasha for hte first one and i got "You're a little shy, but Sesshomaru loves it when you blush and smile. You will probably get more open around him and him around you. Sesshomaru will protect you with his life because he loves you sooo much. After he saves you, he will take you with him to look at the stars at night and give you a sweet little kiss!" for the second ^.^ :thumbs:

  10. a geez, if only i'd know sooner, id have bought some off you if you had star wars, my frineds b-day is in 8 days and he LOVES sw. i cant find anything to get him for his b-day. guys are so hard to shop for -.- especialy for guys you actually happen to like :thumbs:

  11. interesting.. well im not really into ent but i thitnk that horror and sci-fi is starting to phase in again. if you have noticed theres been an increas in horror movies over hte past 2 or 3 years... (especialy those silly zombie ones -.- you can only re-make a movie so many times!) i dont think there will be a new st series coming out anytime soon but i a movie mgith come out in the next little while i think it will do fairly, better than nem did any way. :thumbs:

  12. hey every one, i havent posted in really forever.. lots of you probably dont even know who i am now, but that doesnt matter, im posting because i have recently become a turtle owner (hes the cutest little thing! i found him injured on my back steps!) and i have been learning many things about turtle related things and i have come across some very disturbing information, those of you who arent big turtle fans wont care much but in asia turtles are being sold as food. thats not such a big deal, i mewan everyones heard of turtle soup and all, but these turtles are being caught from the wild and over bred for the sole perpose of being eaten, some of htem are even being threatened with extinction witht he rate things are going!



    wanring, this contains some graphic pictures (dont worry they are all in links so you dont have to see them, but if youw ant to see a poor turtle being butchered alive you can scroll down to the very bottom and click those links :thumbs: )


    and if any ones interested in seeing my grumpy yet very cute baby turtle heres some pics!



  13. last night my dad rented the haunted mansion so we could have a "family nihgt" or somehting, it was horrible!! eddy murffy seemed so obnoxious and just grr and teh move was very poorly made in my opinion. i give it a 3 out of 10 only because i know that maybe soem of the really younger kids might enjoy it some.

  14. I am a big TOS, TNG (and after watching several seasons of DS9 DVDs as a result of a recommendation of this message board) - a fan of DS9 as well.  So I ask again -- what makes Voyager so special?  I never got into it during its orginal run on TV.  It seemed a little cartoony.  Am I wrong?  I want to enjoy it

    well i know the special effects on voy arnt the best but its not cartoony.. and some ppl just dont get into voy. its not exactly yhe best series, though i do like it and thats what i started on. i think voy is just one of those ones that you just have to keep watching untill you starrt to kinda aperciate.. you cant just like this one i guess...