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  1. Hey Tina, life is too short to waste time watching a tv show you don't like because someone said you "should".  Do what makes you happy.

    But the point is that if you are going to denounce something you should at least do it from an educated point of view.


    As I have told Tina, I respect HER opinion that Enterprise is a bad show because SHE has actually taken the time to watch it. The discussion She and I are in is why people are responding to her the way they are.

    Now VBG, do you know if Tinadoll has watched Enterprise? It is better to not assume that she has not...

  2. VBG, I think that you are mistaking condescension for playfulness.


    If Tinadoll does not like Enterprise, then she should be able to state her opinion. She has not verbally attacked anyone for their beliefs, she just has iterated and reiterated he dislike for the Paramount flop.


    And you did indeed pick up the first stone by singling out all of her responses in this thread. Bad form, really bad form.



  3. If I had to take a guess, I would say that the likeliness of this movie happening are not very good. I think that Paramount should leave the movies alone. They are risking killing Trek for a lot of die-hard's by over saturation.


    And if Enterprise's fan base does not solidify and the show tanks after the 4th season, then I would bet the farm that the movie will not happen...


    We shall see though...



  4. For all of you who hated and/or loved the movie... Check out "The Coming Global Superstorm". This is the book that the movie is based on.


    Personally I went back to watch the movie again. While the outcomes of the movie seem a bit extreme, saying that the outcomes themselves are impossible would be silly. Anything is possible, including the North Atlantic Current taking a more southerly route due to the desalination of the ocean.


    Check out the book, I think that at least some of you will find it interesting

  5. I have been a Pink Floyd fan since I was five. I have all of their albums and concert DVD's. My favorite songs are "Learning To Fly", "High Hopes", and "Nobody Home"


    I've got a little black book with my poems in.

    Got a bag with a toothbrush and a comb in.

    When I'm a good dog, they sometimes throw me a bone in....

  6. As far as facial structures being different, mabye the special effects team is picking this to be the new look for a possible Reman. I am not saying that the alien was Reman, but I think it the best guess from the known alien speices on Trek.


    No matter how you slice it it appears that the timeline as definately been altered which raises the question, "Has The Temporal Cold War" finally reached Earth and stopped being "Cold"?

  7. Are you like me and were listening to Soundgarden way back in 89 before anyone knew who they were? I had to stop when they gained some recognition, I like my music obscure. :waaaa:

    I started listening to Soungarden in 1990. But I followed them all the way to their breakup. If I like a band I will listen to them until they make a musical change I can not stand.

  8. Greetings Program!


    Disney released a Special Edition DVD (Two Disk) a few years ago (2002), you should be able to find it at your local video store. It is a great movie and I play the Arcade Emulator for Tron and Tron Disks at least twice a week.


    As far as a Pixar Tron 2 project, I dont believe that it will happen anytime soon. I heard about the rumor a long time ago and it has dropped off of the radar for the most part. If any of you are interested, Tron 2.0 has been out for PC for awhile. It is a great game and has dropped in price since its release in 2003.


    If any of you are looking for some good ol' Tron action then give Tron 2.0 a spin.


    End Of Line.

  9. I voted "A film master and directorial genius." I love his non-linear approach in his films. Great stuff.


    I have seen all of his movies... Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, Natural Born Killers (story written by Tarintino), Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms, From Dusk Til' Dawn (screenplay written by Tarintino), Jackie Brown, Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2 and they all have a lot of violence and profanity. I am a guy who likes violent movies with a lot of profanity.


    One thing I like about Tarintino is that he makes movies that he wants to see. He always wanted to make a spaghetti western / kung-fu movie and he did with the Kill Bill series. I loved the different styles incoroperated into the KB movies.


    Tarintino is not for everyone. Either you love or hate him (with no middle ground). Personally I love his films and his dialogue. He is a straight foward writer & director and I like that.