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  1. So far none of my local grocery stores have it. have two more i can check. i've seen the kellogs cereals with the cards, the tokens for send offs and the beam up badges. also corn flakes has kirk and spock on the box from the movie.i have two beam up badges klingon and engineering. i'm set there.

  2. i've been using twitter for a couple of years now. it can be addicting. it's fun to follow trek actors and comedians on there. especially a few actors from tng.. it is a nice even if i'm away from my computer blogging tool.

  3. I did my usual decorate the yard and helped hand out candy to what little trick or treaters came. my friend shaggy came dressed as shaggy and i was velma again this year and we blared the scooby theme and greeted the kids as they came. it was fun. later i hit a haunted house and denny's while still in costume that was a lot of fun.