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  1. Fine and dandy. Does that mean that I'm not allowed to think that he's still the best man for the job, though? We're asked who should be Bond. Despite his lack of interest, I still say it should be Pierce.


    Actually the title of the topic is:



    Who Should Be Bond In The Next Movie "Casino Royale"?


    And i say Julian Mcmahon because noone on that list is worthy to be Bond

  2. Its Friday night- I should be out and drinking myself silly- Now that i have a good job and all. But I am sitting infront of my computer waiting for a dress on ebay to end. Everytime i find a dress (a 40s vintinge for Halloween) someone outbids me three seconds before it ends. This is like my third bidding war in the last month!


    is any one else adicted to ebay?