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  1. Ok everyone, I need some chuckles right now! :spock:


    Think back... there are moments in star trek history that have made me totally crack up... what is the funniest trek moment you can think of? Situation, quote, etc.... fill us in so that we can share the fun! Here are a few of my personal faves to get the ball rolling:



    TNG: In "Conundrum", when everyone gets amnesia, and when they come to Data happens to be behind the bar, so everyone thinks he's the bartender!


    *which reminds me... "It is.... green."


    DS9: In "Little Green Men", when Nog in researching Earth history, and finds the Bell riots, and says: "Hey, this guy looks just like Commander Sisko!" (Remember, "Future Tense"?) Hee hee I laughed so hard, a clever little thing they slipped in there.


    Ok, everyone... have at it and have fun. :flex:


    It's good to be back! :(

  2. I watched Disney's "The Lion King" the other night for the first time, at the urging of many friends & family members. I liked it okay, but I didn't think it was as great as everyone was telling me. What's so special about it? I wasn't really all that impressed. Thoughts anyone? Maybe I'm just blind to how great it is, or maybe I'm missing something.... I really liked Rafiki, though! He rocks.



    Sorry, bysty! I know it's like your fave Disney movie. <_<

  3. I just went to the dentist and my mouth hurts. :unsure: I have two fillings, and I just found out I need 4 more!!! :unsure: I'm so sad. And I'm so good about brushing my teeth twice a day, and flossing every other day too. Bother! How do you all feel about dentistry?


    Oh yeah, and orthodontics. I had braces for 4 years! :thumbs:

  4. Hmm, here are 10 movies I like... not necessarily in order of my liking them, though.


    1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

    2. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

    3. Lord of the Rings (I, II, & III)

    4. The Matrix

    5. Radio

    6. Treasure of the Sierra Madre

    7. The Time Machine (the new one with Guy Pearce)

    8. The Time of Your Life

    9. Edward Scissorhands

    10. Signs



    There are a zillion more I want to say, but these are athe first ones I thought of. Cheers! :P

  5. Haha! My big brother SpocksBrain,

    For him this poem thread in rather a pain,

    I changed my mood star just now by the way,

    It's "Sick" because I ate too much chocolate today.

    I wonder what VBG will add to our profiles next...

    We already have glowing, scrolling text!

    He's so clever, and his methods are tried and true...

    Honest! I'm not trying to suck up to you! :P

  6. So, Lord of the Borg, a challenge I see,

    I'm not sure that I'm good at poetry,

    But I'll give it a try just to make you smile, :)

    And hopefully this rhyme won't take me a while!

    This site is cool, and the people are nice,

    Perhaps today I'll post in it twice, :P

    For here I sit with my laptop in lap,

    Thinking, frowning, with knuckles to snap, :P

    Trying to think of something clever to say,

    Wonder if I'll be sitting here thinking all day! :P

    I hope this is long enough, for all and for one,

    So enjoy my little rhyme, for now I am DONE. :laugh: