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    I liked the Sarge too, but he was too big of a threat to the other players, especially the women to keep him around. I khew none of those women would turn on each other while he or any of the other guys are still around. Despite what they say. The Sarge made the mistake of trusting Twila last week and then trusting her again this week. Of course Chris caught me totally by surprise this week. Definitely didn't see that coming, though it does make sense now that I think about it.

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    With only two guys left I think the women will definitely turn on each other next week. I'm not surprised to see Sarge go. He was one of the strongest players, along with Rory. I didn't think either of them would last long after the merge unless they kept winning immunity challenges. I have to say it was dirty pool of the women not sharing leftover wings with the guys though, just the bones. Low, very low. :unsure: I'm curious to see what exactly they're going to trade that pig for. :frusty:

  3. And, since I won again, here's my new pic...





    Just a reminder, I need more captions for this pic! I have two so far... And in three or four days I'm calling the winner.


    Get off my back! I'm coming off a 38 acorn a day habit alright!

  4. I know what I'm buying when I go to the grocery next time. :tear: I wonder why Idaho is supposed to have the best potatoes. :unsure: I like to put salsa on my spuds. I wonder why they're called spuds? Anyone else getting hungry?


    I know potatoes are called tubers but I keep thinking about tumors everytime I hear that. "It's not a tuma." As Arnold would say. :frusty:

  5. I think the question is the answer. Unless the answer is multiple choice, then just pick C. It reminds me of something someone said to me,


    "Boy. You can't go making stwe until you get the possum in the pot."

    "But I wasn't trying to make stew. Who are you anyway?"

    "Don't ask stupid questions, son. You might hurt yourself."

    "Did you just call me stupid?"

    "Steak and taters, my boy. Steak and taters."

    "Great. Now I'm hungry."

    "It's all about the stew."

    "I'm running away from you now."

    "Run Boy! Run!"


    I think that sums it up pretty well. :unsure:

  6. He was a great character but I don't think he was a good guy. He and some other "conspirators" in the Klingon Empire and Starfleet tried to derail the Khitomer peace talks and start a war between the Federation and Klingon Empire. Until he got himself blowed up real good. :unsure:


    :blink: <-----Klingon go BOOM! :wacko: :o Ok, the caffeine has officially kicked in. :blink:

  7. No it's NOT hammer, sorry. :blink:



    We still don't know the answer to Jeanway's puzzle. I believe the choices left are: Mortar, Screws. I don't know for sure, but I choose - screws. :o








    (Clue... Alchohol.)



    As to this puzzle~~BTW, this thread seems to be "unraveling" - hehehe ~~ I'll say the answer is: mickey :wacko:



    Actually, you're wrong. The answer in Billy.


    So, what's next?


    Not to be a nitpicker but there is, or was a "Billy Beer." :unsure: I did this with a few of my lists too though. You never know the unexpected connections four words will have to each other. Kooky man. Real kooky. :blink:

  8. Charlie Chaplin directed Sophia Loren in "A Countess From Hong Kong."

    Sophia Loren was in "The Fall Of The Roman Empire" with Christopher Plummer

    Chistopher Plummer was General Chang :unsure:


    Pierce Brosnan


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    This one is actually really easy :blink: