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  1. As they all sat around the table eating lunch Lida came downstairs. "Sorry everyone, I must have been really tired, what time is it?" She asked. "Past noon"

    Becka said. "Ya hungry?" "Starved. Mmm, that ham looks good. I think I'll fry up some eggs with a nice slab of ham." She told her.


    Aaron watched Lida at the stove. He tried to not be obvious about it. But he couldn't seem to look away. The sun was shining in the window and creating a halo of light around her. When in the windows reflection Aaron saw the face of another woman, not Lida's face. He nearly choked on his sandwich. When he rubbed his eyes and looked again, it was gone. He didn't say anything about it.


    At the sink, Lida was pulling up on the pump handle and pushing it down. Trying to fill the water pitcher for the table. "EEYOOOWEE!!" She yelled. "Anybody else smell that?? WHEW!" She said as she waved her hand in front of her nose. Abe got up, so did Aaron and walked to the sink. "Yepp, smells like we got a dead critter in the well." :sly: Gotta go down and fish it outa there right now." Abe said. "Come on boys, I need your help.


    " Everyone followed Abe outside to the well cover on the ground. He lifted it up and threw it aside on the grass then knelt down and stuck his head down into the well and took a good long sniff, then began to cough. "O.K., who's goin down? He asked. The boys looked at each other, then over at Aaron. "Me?" He said as he pointed at himself. "OH, alright, I'll do it." He got on the ladder and began to slowly climb down. "I can't see a thing down here. It's dark in here you know." He yelled as his voice echoed above. "OH, I forgot ta give ya tha bucket." Abe said as he dropped it down to Aaron. "Catch!" CLUNK! It hit Aaron on the head then bounced off into the water below him. "I can't see it, how am I going to grab it." He yelled. "Don't need ta see it, just feel around, you'll find it alright." Abe yelled. "O.K." Aaron answered.

  2. By noon they had dug out the trench and laid in the large planks. They were very hungry with all this physical labor, sweaty and dirty. "We best wash up out here before we go in for lunch, Becka will have a fit we all show up like this." Abe told everyone. They washed in the animal's water trough outside the old barn. Then went in the house. The kitchen was empty. Becka and the girls, Addie, Abigail, Beth and Calli were no where to be seen. Abe called out. "Beckaaaa!!!!" she didn't answer. He went out to the laundry room. It too was empty. "Where tha heck are they?" He said out loud to himself. when he heard some laughter coming from outside, in the side yard. It seems a stray baby bear had wandered into the laundry room earlier and they were outside feeding it and playing with it. "OH My" He said. "What Abe?" Becka asked him. " The mama bear is probably looking for her yungun. You all better get inside before she shows up here and kills one of us."

    The girls screamed and began to cry but did as their father told them, Becka followed. They came back inside and bolted the door shut from the inside and went back up to the kitchen.


    The boys and Aaron found the ham that Becka had sitting on the sideboard and were slicing the loaves of bread for snadwiches. "Go get us some pickles will ya?" He said to Bart. Bart went down to the cellar.

  3. The boys followed. "Wash your hands now. Don't be sittin down with dirty hands." Becka said as they came into the kitchen. They both stood at the sink, Abe worked the pump and washed up before breakfast. "Where's the plans Aaron?" Abe asked. "Their in my room, I'll run up and get them, we can look at them while we eat. Becka overheard this. "There'll be NO readin at the table you two. We don't allow the children to do it, not settin a good example, shows disrespect for the labours of the cook." She said in a loud voice. They both sat down and ate. This was wash-day and Becka and the girls were anxious to get started. They quickly cleared the table after the men went back out side with the boys reluctantly following.


    Aaron opened up the plans for the new barn on the back of the truck and they all studied them. "Get the shovels boys, let's start diggin out the foundation." Abe ordered. They began the new barn................

  4. The two clouded images held each other in the mirror. They watched Lida as she slept. As the room got brighter with the rising sun, they kissed then vanished. Lida caught sight of them in the mirror at the last possible second, just as she opened her eyes.


    Abe and Aaron were already outside in the yard unloading the trucks. "We should have taken the forklift back here with us. Would have made this so much easier." Aaron said to Abe. "Neva thought a that." Abe answered. "Well, maybe next trip into Angola we can get it." Aaron answered. "Sounds goot to me." Abe replied. Just then the boys came outside to help. "Mother has breakfast almost ready Pa." Bart said. " What's she makin?" Aaron asked. "Pancakes and sausage." He answered. And with that Abe and Aaron threw the last plank onto the ground and headed for the kitchen door.

  5. During dinner Lida told Aaron about Cain and Bart seeing a twister off in the distance. "But when I went outside to look it had dissappeared." She told him. Aaron, Abe and Able all looked at each other and nearly choked on their food. "Nearly got us on the road." Abe said as he tried to swallow. "Scared the B'Jesus out of us out there." Able added. Becka slapped Able on the shoulder and said. "Not be usin the Lord's name in that manner boy." Able apologized.


    After everyone had eaten their fill, the table cleared and dishes washed, the ladies joined all the men in the loft for an evening on the site.


    "Oh Look, I got a PM from ILS." Aaron yelled. "Apparently the yacht he appropriated has a computer and a generator on-board. He says he has reached the St. Lawrence Seaway and wants to know what port we are going to meet him at." Lida immediately said "Michiana, tell him Michiana. Let me PM him back." Lida PMed ILikeSeven. "Forward his PM to me, I want to read it." She asked Aaron, he did. Lida then Pmed ILikeSeven aboard his ship. "Hope your trip went well, we are all waiting to see you and your family and the sheep. We don't have any sheep here. You must travel the Seaway to Lake Michigan, then down the East coast to Michiana. Can you give us a timeframe. I mean how fast are you travelling so we can be there to meet you. We have trucks to carry the sheep and wagons to carry all of you. Waiting patiently to hear from you. Jeanway and Fenriz.