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  1. When Abe undid the bolt to the outbuilding the elves came running out. nik grabbed the two of them by the collar.

    "Not so fast you little miscreants. We have some work for you two." He said.

    "Oh yeah? After spending the night locked up with a Big Mac on legs why should we help you?" The first elf replied.

    "Because if you don't you don't get any supper. No work, no food." Abe replied.

    "Alright. Alright." The second elf relented.

    nik explained to them about the new table and chairs.


    "Maple. We could make a nice table out of maple." The second elf suggested.

    "Do they have any maple?" The first countered.

    "Um...I don't know." The second replied.

    "Then why don't you find out?" The first said.

    Abe led them to a storage building. Climbing over the piles of wood the two elves weighed the options.

    "Hmm...I don't see any maple. There is some nice cherry in here." The second said.

    "Cherry? What's with you and your obsession with cherry. Forget that, There's some oak over here. That's what we're going to use." The first elf decided.

    "Oak? Oak sucks. We're going to build it from cherry." The second said.

    "Look here you little smarta**. I'm the Sub - Head Supervisory Elf Third Class. I'm in charge here and I say it's going to be oak." The first elf said putting his hands on his hips.

    "We're not at the North pole now you moron, and I was building tables while you were still shoveling up reindeer turds so stop acting like you know what you're talking about. Besides everyone knows the only reason you got promoted was because you had those Polaroids of the fatman getting his egg nogged by the Toothfairy." The second elf replied.

    "You little b*****d! That's a lie!" The first elf launched himself at the second. The collapsed in a heap of little arms and legs. Rolling around on the ground, they hit and kicked and bit and swore at each other. Finally Abe threw a bucket of water on them and pulled them apart. Sputtering and swearing they still tried to swing at each other.

  2. While everyone was finishing their breakfast they talked. The girls all bombarded their new roommate with questions. The men discussed what kind of table to build exactly. Becka, Lida, and Chrissy started clearing the table after everyone had eaten. Abel led the rest of the boys outside to get started on their chores. Becka told her daughters to go straighten up the bedrooms. Kaitlyn and Mellie followed them. The girls could be heard chattering all the way upstairs.


    Abe, nik, ILS, and Aaron had finally all agreed after much discussion that they did indeed need to build a new table when Aaron had a realization.

    "Hey. We're going to need some new chairs to go with this table."

    This set of another round of heated debate as to how many chairs, what style of chairs, what kind of wood they should be made out of, they even argued about where exactly the word "chair' came from originally. After nearly an hour of this the women threw them out of the house so they could finish cleaning up. Standing on the back porch they continued.

    "Wait. Why don't we ask the two elves? They know a lot about woodworking." nik suggested. Everyone agreed so they headed to the outbuilding that the elves shared with several cows.

  3. I don't have all of these bad habits, thank God :unsure: it's just a general list. I do procrastinate a lot though. I also swear, but I don't consider that a bad habit. I consider it character. :assimilated:


    Throat Clearing



    Talking during a movie








    Chewing tobacco

    Nail clipping in public

    Being a know-it-all

    Monopolizing the conversation


    Chronic lateness



  4. your username with your elbow


    Sheesh, what was so hard about that?   :hug:



    How about with your nose or a toe? Anything pointy?? :congrats::clap:


    I still didn't see you do it :o What's THAT about???? :wow:


    Uh oh. I hope no one else is thinking what I'm thinking. :congrats::wow: I hope you don't share that keyboard with anyone Lt Van Roy. :)

  5. O.K. since I won twice, here is My first picture:





    And my second picture:




    For the first pic... "When I say that I like my steak still mooing, that's not what I meant!"


    For the second pic... "Hey, I thought lifting weights is supposed to put hair on your chest, not your face!"



    For BOTH pictures my choice has to be wishfire :frusty:

  6. I've been waiting for Enterprise to give us a better look at Vulcan.

    Click For Spoiler
    It's starting to look like the Andorians might be right about not trusting the High Command. Is it just me or do the Syrranites remind anyone else of the Vulcans we're used to seeing? I mean from the TOS and TNG eras. Did anyone else catch the reference to the Romulans when Arek talked about the last battle between the followers of Surak and those who marched under the Raptor banner.(can't remember the exact words, sorry.) I thought that was a nice little piece of flavor thrown in there.

  7. Everyone stood around the first wall frame that layed on the ground. Aaron, Abe, Becka, Lida and Aaron and the girls. Able, bart and Cain stood at the other end, ready with hammers and nails to secure it once it was in place. Aaron and Abe were at the corners, everyone else was lined up between them. Aaron and Abe gave a yell at the same time.

    "LIFT!" everyone began to lift the frame up, when as if by magic or some divine intervention it nearly levitated off the ground then fell into place within the frame work.

    Cain and the girls climbed up and began nailing the side to the rest of the frame while everyone else held it in place. After several minutes they had finished with the first side. "Good. Now three more. Then the roof." Abe said.


    They lifted the second frame and again they were aided by their unseen helpers. Holding it into place while it was nailed down, Aaron and Abe looked at each other. "This might be just a little easier than I thought. Didn't count on getting any help, especially from ghosts." Abe said. Aaron nodded agreement.


    When the first two sides were up and secured they repeated the process. Lifting the other two two walls they soon had the skeleton of a barn constructed. As they were all taking a break, looking at their work Abe remarked. "If our ghost friends are as much help with the rest of the work, we might have a good bit of this done by supper time."

  8. This was the fifth day of building the new barn. All four walls were completed the day before but it was too late in the day to raise them. It would take all their strength and effort to tackle such an event.Once up and in place everyone would have to secure them to the frame. Then the frame for the roof would have to be built, then plywood panels set in place, then the shingles. This would take all day to complete. Just in time since tomorrow they have to leave for the Port at Michiana, a good 6 hour drive one way and won't probably get back until late at night.

  9. Fen is sitting behind the newsdesk. Once again the camera cuts to him without his knowledge. Viewers get several minutes of him trying to balance a pencil on his nose. Someone off camera coughs.


    "Huh?" Fen mutters, the pencil falls and pokes him in the eye.


    "Hey there folks. Umm...Hi..." Fen shuffles papers on the desk. "It's another uh...day here in the Bowels. Kind of grey. Not raining anymore though. Um...I guess that's it. Back to um...somebody...right? Anyone? Hello?"


    The camera stays on Fen for a long time. :lol:

  10. Lida shook Aaron awake. "HUH" He said as he swung at her and hit her across the chest. Lida fell back and hit the wall. "OH, I'm sorry Sweetie, are you alright?" He asked. Lida just gulped and said. "Yea, I'm fine. Come on get up, you and I are going for a plane ride. I want to fly up North to see if we can spot ILikeSeven in the Seaway." Aaron looked at her with much trepidation. Flying in the tiny plane was NOT one of his most favorite things to do. "O.K., I'm up." He said as he hauled himself from his bed. "Now wash up and get dressed. We are leaving as soon as we have some breakfast." Lida told him. Aaron got a sort of funny look on his face and began to turn that funny shade of green like he did the last time they went flying.


    Lida hurridly made them breakfast as Aaron got dressed. She ate as she cooked. Then scrawled a note hurredly and left it on the table next to his plate. It said


    " Meet you out front. I'm going to do the pre-flight and I'll pull up in front of the house, be ready to go when you hear the engine, ok?"


    Lida also left another note for Becka and Abe telling them where they were going and left it on the table.

  11. Aaron layed snoring in his bed in the room next to Lida's. This woke her up. She rolled over and looked at her mirror. Two smiling faces looked back at her. "Morning you two." She said. The two faces nodded and smiled even more, then they looked at each other. "Going to make breakfast for us again today?" Lida asked. A hand came to the woman's mouth as she tried to cover her laughter. The man looked at her and also began to laugh. "What shall I call you?" Lida asked. When the man blew his breath onto the mirror and wrote something in the mist. " L E I N A D." Then the woman did the same. " L O R A C ". Lida jumped from her bed to get a closer look but the mist faded along with the names. "Damn!" Lida said outloud. Then the two images faded away. She could hear them laughing behind the walls. :wink2:

  12. It had occurred to Aaron as he worked that they were going to need a ramp to get the sheep up onto the backs of the trucks when they meet ILikeSeven at Michiana. "Abe, we are going to have to build a ramp for the sheep." He told him. "Right, I plum forgot about that. Well, there's plenty of lumber man, get to it." He told him. "I'm on it." Aaron said. Aaron pulled out a small pad of paper from his pocket and a pencil and began to draw a ramp. Then he bagan to drag a few palnks from the pile and set them up on two wooden horses and began sawing the cross pieces. It took him the rest of the afternoon to build it. About the time he finished, Lida and Becka were already back in the kitchen preparing supper.


    Lida had ground up about 15 pounds of beef and pork and had made two large meatloafs which were now baking. The smell was making everyone hungrier than they already were. Becka had finished making the potato salad and it was standing on the table in two large bowls. "And how about some green beans with this?" Lida suggested. Becka agreed and they both went to the cellar to get 6 mason jars of green beans.

  13. Aaron came downstairs first, just as the sun was rising. He walked in the kitchen, Lida was sitting at the table which was already set for breakfast. She was sipping from a cup of tea. The smell of cooked food made Aaron's mouth water, he say down beside Lida.

    "Wow Sweetie. You didn't have to get up early and make breakfast for all of us. It does look wonderful though." Aaron said.

    Lida took a long drink from her cup. "I didn't do all of this." She said.

    "Oh? I thought Becka was still asleep." Aaron replied, heaping a plate with food.

    "She is." Lida answered.

    "The girls?" Aaron asked, Lida shook her head. "The boys?" He asked again, very confused now.

    "No. It was the ghosts." Lida said.


    Lida had expected some kind of response from Aaron when she revealed to him what she had suspected for some time. Instead she was met with silence. She was starting to think she'd made a mistake saying anything to him about this when he finally spoke.

    "I thought I was the only one who suspected that." Aaron said.

    "You've seen things to? Why didn't you say anything?" Lida asked.

    "I thought it was just me." Aaron replied, now he was feeling more than a little foolish about not saying anything.

    "I wonder if these ghosts have anything to do with that umm...creature that shot out of the well yesterday?" Aaron wondered.

    "I'll bet it does. We should discuss this with Abe and Becka when they get up. The children too, if we've seen things they probably have as well." Lida sipped from her cup, she realized how hungry she was. She fixed herself a plate.


    When Abe, Becka, and the children came down for breakfast Aaron and Lida told them about the ghosts. Becka had seen unusual things too. They all chattered away while they ate. Everyone revealing every weird thing that they had experienced recently.