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  1. I've never lived in a house of my own so I don't have any real experience to speak from in that regard. As someone who has lived in apartments I can say the advantages are no yard work or snow shoveling. If there is any kind of a problem with the plumbing, for instance, all I have to do is call the landlord and it's fixed, at their expense. However my neighbors are only a couple of sheets of drywall away and I think it would be nice sometimes, to have a little garden. I suppose it's a tradeoff. I think having good neighbors and a good landlord, if you rent, make all the difference.

  2. O.K., I confess. I never had such a potty mouth til I started hanging around with Fen. :assimilated: :yes:  :blink: Sorry Fen :P


    Hey, c'mon. They're perfectly accceptable words that add a dash of oomph to a discussion. Throw a couple out there when you're on line at the bank next time and see if you get better service. :unsure: jk.

  3. Hmm...well I must admit I was surprised by tonight's result.


    Click For Spoiler
    I never expected Leann to go this soon. I bet Chris and Eliza are relieved. If they play it right they can just sit back and watch Julie, Ami, Twyla, and Scout beat the crap out of each other. They're (Chris and Eliza) potential swing votes in any scheme the other come up with. And did you see Chad and Sarge when Leann got voted off? They couldn't hide their glee. :assimilated: :unsure:

  4. After the elves were locked up Aaron went back to the window to get the bucket. He started to pick up the bucket when his hammer slipped from his belt and thudded on the ground. At the same time Abe walked into the kitchen. Lida and Chrissy were starting supper.

    "Where's Becka?" Abe asked.

    "She's taking a bath." Chrissy answered.

    "Alright." Abe said. Then he walked back outside.


    The window that the elves had been looking into was now covered with a sheet. Aaron bent down to pick up the pail and hammer. Just then Abe walked around the corner of the house.

    "Hey! What are you doing?" Abe demanded.

    Aaron felt a little embarrased getting caught.

    "I want an explaination. Why are you peeping at my wife." Abe said.

    "Huh? Your wife?" Aaron said, confused.

    Abe reached to pull the hammer away. Aaron held onto it and the struggled underneath the window, causing a ruckus.


    Just then the window was yanked open.

    "Abe! What are you doing out here!" Becka yelled at them. Aaron now understood.

    "I was just...he was.." Abe sputtered.

    "You get away from this window right now Abraham! Or you'll be sleeping in the barn with the elves and cows! Right now!" Becka said then she slammed the window shut. Abe walked away, redfaced from embarrasment. Aaron started to follow him when he saw Lida watching him from the kitchen window. She winked at him. Aaron felt his face turn red too. He stuck the hammer back in his belt and followed Abe. :blush 2:

  5. Abe and Aaron took the first elf and started working on the table. ILS and nik took the other one and started working on the chairs. They decided to make the furniture out of cherry. The elves were very helpful and by mid afternoon they had the rough forms of a table and several chairs. ILS and nik were putting together the last of the chairs while Aaron and Abe were sanding down the rough edges on the table. Standing up and stretching Aaron wiped the sweat from his forehead.

    "Hey? Where did the elves go?" He asked suddenly.

    Preoccupied with their work none of the men had noticed the elves sneak off. They went looking through the barns and outbuildings for them. In the main barn they found the boys. They were showing Sabe how to feed the horses.

    "Boys? Have you seen those two little guys?" Abe asked.

    "No papa. We haven't. But we've been around here most of the day." Cain answered.

    They continued their search. It was nik who found them around the back of the house.


    They two of the were on top of a bucket peeping in one of the windows.

    'Quit shaking the bucket. I can't see." One of them whispered.

    "I'm not shaking it, you are." The other said.

    "Hey! What are you two doing?" nik yelled at them.

    The startled elves almost lost their balance. They slipped and came tumbling down. The four men were standing around the two deviants.

    "What exactly were you doing?" They all demanded.


    "You little perverts!" Aaron tried to strangle the first elf. Abe and ILS held him back.

    "Keep him away from me! He's gone mad!" The elf yelled. nik grabbed the two elves by their collars and dragged them back to the cowshed. They spent the night without their supper.