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  1. I just read a supposed synopsis of Planet of the Titans ok maybe it’s a little long for a synopsis. On the other hand, Wikipedia offers an even more detailed story line.


    So, ok what can I say I truly was an aficionado of Star Terk TOS. Heck in the beginning I felt Next Gen would not live up to its predecessor’s accomplishments Sci-fi wise…

    But hey eyes wide open I have reached a corollate conclusion... Yes, they each do have their own stake via which to claim the title as best in group. Individual captains notwithstanding, at least in those two series offerings, TOS ended up being centered on Captain Kirk as the savior of humanity and by extension the Universe itself.

    In my opinion his ascension from Starfleet’s Captain of Captain’s; to a god himself. Which is why I find myself not sure I would be all that interested in taking in this new movie offering. Which again in my opinion proports to take James Tiberius Kirk from a god among gods, to the god of gods

  2. I wonder if a fan-based episode and or season suggestion type campaign would have any effect on whom even may want to get the next Star Trek captain's log? entry going. I mean personally I won't know where to begin in the writing of a TV and or theatrical production.  But hey who knows perhaps a group of us could come up with enough continual/sequential ideas to get the ball rolling for someone who can? I would imagine it would have to be some sort of open entry type idea give away, were in everyone would build off of each other's ongoing entries?  That of course presupposes that there are no site rules being violated and that plagiarism is neither condoned nor attempted. 

  3. I've only been a member for a few weeks now. This looks like a good place to come to discuss a subject with fellow trekkers where total knowledge of the Federation's lore is not a necessity.  five thumbs up from my point of view.

  4. Is star trek suffering from Gynophobia?


    I mean so far of the two series they had which feature a female as the lead and a starship captain; they’ve quickly taken it to where no one wants to go …ergo lackluster episodes.  Oh yeah there have been more than one memorable episode in each series. But by and large as compared to the writing and/or seasonal episodes for the male lead programs they leave a lot to be desired.

    That can’t be coincidence. Might be what explains why the Paramount did not pick up what could have been, a gem of a diamond in the rough, were Star Trek Picard ended. Namely the use and continuation of both the borg hybrids. That being Captain Seven (aka Seven of Nine; aka Annika Hansen.) and Borg Queen Dr. Agnes Jurati. Talk about the evolutionary possibilities of an ex-borg which would likely never fully trust a borg queen. Work with and along a (hybrid?) borg queen; likely forever fighting her inherited instinct to seek perfection. All the time knowing that her ally within the Federation understands that better than probably even she does.

    Not to mention the endless seasonal as well as episodical possibilities such a teaming would bring to two not quite human, not quit borg, protagonist determined to protect the Alpha Quadrant. Especially when their new nemesis is itself a hybrid of the two of the greatest foes the Federation has ever encountered (aka the Linked (liquid) Changelings from the Gama Quadrant and the Borg from the Delta Quadrant) as well as always having to keep some sort of rear guard against whatever Queen Jurati may have seen and was attempting to prevent from completing a cross dimensional invasion the Star Trek Universe.