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  1. Lets not forget Garak's contributions!That guy is a sewing fool!Clothed half the quadrant I hear,at his own expense....or maybe the Nagus paid for it when he was under the influence of the prophets?Either way,Garak's the one that did all the work,eh? :lol:

    And just this morning a Cardassian kid helped my cat down out of a peach tree (well,he looked Cardassian anyway :eek: ).

  2. Why should it matter if they like Star Trek? :lol:

    I think Crewman Parrish was joking,Captain.


    As for myself,I wouldn't care one way or the other.She would have to be a Christian though.

  3. In the Mirror Universe of DS9 we are known as Terrans, and was it Amok Time or TMP where the Vulcan High priestess asks Spock. "Are thee Vulcan or are thee Terran?"

    That always struck me as a kind of bigoted question to ask Spock.But maybe I'm just paranoid?


    You know,when I first started this reply I was sure I could name a bunch of races from worlds with names different from their species name,but now that I think about it....I cant. :huh:

  4. That's awesome,peewee.

    No disrespect intended,but I wonder if they thought your dad died in Iraq,and sent that out?Because when my cousin Jim died during the Gulf War (he was a Marine),his mother received a very similar sounding document.

    Either way,your dad was a serviceman and deserving of that certificate.

  5. Yeah.That would be great.Maybe we could see them as part of T'pol's dreams,or flashback scenes?Maybe on a Vulcan colony (although why they would transport Lematya's to their colony,I haven't any idea...sounds suicidal).

  6. My sister's children have been homeschooled for several years now,due largely to her concerns about bullying (school violence) and a lack of Christian values,morals,etc.


    Myself,I say as long as the children receive a quality education at home (and there should be some organization that checks to make certain that the child or children being homeschooled are learning at an appropriate rate),then it should be the parent's choice.