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    CurtisEt reacted to Mr.Picard in The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   
    I may be one of his biggest fans, but I do have my limits. lol
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    CurtisEt reacted to Vic in 6 Things to Know About "Frame of Mind"   
    "Frame of Mind" wowed Star Trek: The Next Generation fans when it debuted on May 3, 1993 -- or 25 years ago today. Yes, by year six, TNG had really found its groove and was delivering strong episode after strong episode, but this episode was also arguably Jonathan Frakes’ finest hour as Riker. He delivered a stunning dramatic performance as Number One, who’s playing a mentally ill patient/prisoner in a play called “Frame of Mind” when he starts to find himself shifting back and forth between different realities, bleeding temple and all.
    A few interesting facts to keep in mind about “Frame of Mind”:

    Back to TNG

    James L. Conway directed “Frame of Mind.” Though he ultimately many directed episodes of TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise, he'd not helmed a TNG episode since the first-season entry, “The Neutral Zone.”

    Pure Desperation

    Brannon Braga, who wrote the teleplay, was desperate for stories when came up with the idea for the episode. The bare bones idea he built upon was “What if Riker wakes up in an insane asylum?”

    Prine Time

    Guest star Andrew Prine, who played Suna, returned to the Trek fold to appear Legate Turrel in the DS9 episode “Life Support.” Prine, now in his early 80s, remained a busy character actor, turning up most recently in the 2015 family drama Beyond the Farthest Star.

    Looking Back

    Conway has fond memories of “Frame of Mind,” telling that “It was a great script because most of it, as we learned at the end, was in Jonathan Frakes’ imagination. He had this wonderful scene at the beginning where he went on for about a page and a half. It was just one shot where we started tight on him and then pulled back to reveal that he was sitting in this room surrounded by all these people staring at him.”

    Two of Four

    Jaya was the second of the four roles that Susanna Thompson embodied on Star Trek. Prior to Jaya, she portrayed the Romulan scientist Veral in the TNG episode “The Next Phase.” Post-Jaya, Thompson memorably guest starred as the Trill scientist Lenara Kahn in the DS9 episode “Rejoined,” and perhaps even more memorably assumed the role of the Borg Queen in the Voyager episodes "Dark Frontier," "Unimatrix Zero” and "Unimatrix Zero, Part II." Her most recent credits include Arrow, on which she recurred as Oliver Queen’s mother, Moira, NCIS and Timeless.

    Paging Dr. Syrus

    David Selburg, who played Dr. Syrus, had previously guest starred on TNG, appearing as Whalen in “The Big Goodbye” back in season one. He later played Toscat in the Voyager pilot “Caretaker” and a Vulcan captain in the Enterprise hour “Carbon Creek.” Enterprise was one of his last TV credits, as he only appeared thereafter in one episode each of CSI and American Dreams before retiring from the business.
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    CurtisEt reacted to Mr.Picard in The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   
    And now a full body shot of Sir Patrick and his kilt!

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    CurtisEt reacted to Bethlehem in The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   
    I suspect he is the type that expects his best at all times. That is why he does so well.
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    CurtisEt reacted to DrWho42 in happy birthday apw!   
    happy birthday apw! they turn 48 today 
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    CurtisEt reacted to DrWho42 in happy birthday rob39874!   
    happy birthday rob39874! they turn 38 today 
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    CurtisEt reacted to Mr.Picard in The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   
    Sir Patrick has contributed a postcard to an exhibition on the British county of Cumbria that was hit by the floods last year. Here is what it says:
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    CurtisEt reacted to Vic in Catching Up with TNG's Q2, Corbin Bernsen   
    When most people think of Corbin Bernsen, they conjure memories of L.A. Law and the Major League movies, or perhaps The Dentist and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, or quite possibly Psych and American Gods. Somewhere along the way – OK, in 1990, to be precise – he stepped into the Star Trek universe oh-so-briefly. The actor, at the zenith of his fame on L.A. Law, made an uncredited cameo appearance as the all-knowing, all-seeing Q2 in the third-season Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, “Deja Q.” has long wanted to chat with Bernsen, and we finally got our chance last week when the amiable actor jumped on the phone to discuss his TNG experience in advance of next month’s Star Trek Las Vegas event, where he’ll participate in a panel, sign autographs and do photo ops. Here’s what he had to say…
    Nearly 30 years ago, you filmed your TNG episode. How well did you know Star Trek in general at the time?

    I basically grew up on Twilight Zone, which really easily moved into Star Trek for me, and, to some degree, Star Wars. So, I watched The Original Series, like everybody else in the world watched that. I knew it was new and different, but I was a little less connected to it. It's a bit like I love baseball, but I don't know all the teams and all the players.
    How did your TNG role happen?
    They came to me. It was out of the blue. I’d maybe put it out there I’d be interested. Everybody wanted to be on Star Trek or Seinfeld or on our show (L.A. Law). I’d still love to be a part of the Star Wars world, on some level, but I’ve gotten to do so much, including Trek and Seinfeld. I’m in the Trek (fiction and reference) books. And I’ve done things that surprised me. I even did a Baywatch! So, I’ve had this wonderful career and gotten to do so much. And there’s still more to do, I hope.
    Did the producers, to help you prepare, give you previous Q-related scripts or episodes to watch?

    A few episodes. I could get there more quickly as the character by watching episodes. A Q is this omnipotent thing in the universe, and this guy had power over the Q that the fans knew, John de Lancie’s character. That’s basically what I needed to know.
    How did you like working on the show, and acting opposite de Lancie?
    Let’s start with the costume. You put that on and it was just not forgiving at all, in any shape or form. You saw… every protrusion in the pants and everywhere else, any protrusion. If you have a little bit of stuff going on around the waist, anywhere, it shows. I was very thankful I got to wear a suit for eight years, a tailored suit, on L.A. Law. But once we got past that (on TNG), then we got down to the work. John is wonderful, as everybody knows. You've got to find a way to think, “Well, he's Q and I'm in control of him, so how do I outdo his smart ideas?” We had a good time. I tell people I love doing what I do, love the craft of acting, love the history of it, but we also can have fun. Obviously, that was something we had a lot of fun with, John and me.
    How satisfied were you with the finished episode?

    Loved it! Great! Wonderful, wonderful. There's this photograph flying around of me with a sort of silly look on my face and my arms are up, and it seems to be the photograph everybody uses of my appearance. It’s a screengrab, I think. It's always second to a GQ cover that I did, and if you find that GQ cover, you'll see a very similar picture to the photo that's out there of me as Q2.
    You went uncredited. Why did you choose to do that?

    I did, and I don’t know why. I don’t remember. I did silly things sometimes. I guess I feel like that's their family. Sometimes, as a guest star or doing a cameo, I feel like I'm at somebody else's party, and I don't want to take any credit for it. Back in the day, during L.A. Law, I didn’t want my Star on Hollywood Boulevard. “No, no, I'm just not ready for it. I'm not ready.” Some people deserve a star. I guess it’s good. I'm all about the work and the rest… the fame, glory, credits, the Star on Hollywood Boulevard, they're all great and it's part of it, but my big kick is just getting out there and doing it, being on set, working with actors.
    Does it amaze you to be talking now about a Trek cameo you did nearly 30 years ago?
    Well, I’m going to get sort of Star Trek-y about it. It's this massive universe out there, and once we touch one another, get one bit of contact, you are inextricably connected to one another. I think it shows the power of connectivity, of reaching out and, might I say, to sound a bit altruistic, you have got a power we all possess, a power for change, a power for improving humanity. The fact that you can do one episode and be… People will say, “Well, it's because you're on TV, man!” There is that. It’s like Howard Beale in Network. Of course, there’s that, but it's more than that. We assume in life that differences are only made of these massive sweeping movements, but the fact is one person can touch a life. One person holding hands with the next gets the chain going. And to your point, 30 years later, that chain is relevant to this conversation. Star Trek, uncredited, two hours on the Paramount lot, it shows the power of our capacity for connectivity if we choose to take it.
    We just saw you on American Gods as Vulcan and also on Billions. IMDB lists 10 other projects. Do you come up for air?

    (Laughs). A lot of those are small films, bit and pieces I’m doing for friends, a day here, a day there. I saw one of them on there, and it was an indie I did four years ago that hasn’t opened yet. The bigger project I'm working on is Marvel's The Punisher, for Netflix. I'm doing season two of that. I've done three episodes and will be doing another. Like with all things, I’m just hanging, waiting to find out the dates. That's been fantastic. But, in general, this is a time where I'm picking and choosing smaller projects that are of interest to me, and they're not big one-month, two-month, three-month commitments.
    You'll be at Star Trek Las Vegas later this month. How ready are you for that?
    I think I might have gone to one convention as a fan, but I wasn’t an invited guest. I do some Comic-Cons and, invariably, because of the nature of them, a lot of people, even with that one episode, know everything about Q2. I imagine that knowledge will be even greater in Vegas. So, I’m super-excited.
    Star Trek Las Vegas will be held August 1-5 at the Rio Suites Hotel. Go to for additional details and to purchase tickets.
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    CurtisEt reacted to Takara_Soong in The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   
    Of course, you're remembered. You're unforgettable, Mrs. Picard. Thanks for this info. I'm looking forward to following any updates you post.
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    CurtisEt reacted to VaBeachGuy in Eagles Defeat Patriots!   
    I meant to include this in the previous post, it's a small bottle containing confetti from the field that was sent to me a couple of weeks after the Super Bowl.

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    CurtisEt reacted to Kor37 in NEW STAR TREK SERIES OFFICIAL!   
    "TV related Bill" ? What does that mean?
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    CurtisEt reacted to BakulaBabe in Finally, Star Trek 3 gets Director!   
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    CurtisEt reacted to vgrbabe in General Questions/Comments Regarding Conventions   
    I've gone to many conventions over the years, and I've got a lot of tips for first timers
    ~ Wear comfortable shoes. There is a lot of walking and you don't want to miserable all day with sore feet
    ~ If you're bringing a camera with you bring LOTS of batteries and spare memory cards. If you have a laptop I recomment uploading your pictures daily.
    ~ Bring snacks and bottled water with you. Granola bars are the easiest since they are very portable. The snack stands are usualy very expensive if they even have them
    ~ Most fans in costume have no problem posing for pictures, but it's polite to ask first
    ~ There is usualy a descent chance that you might run into a celeb in the hallway....don't go crazy. Most of them are realy nice and it's been my experience that they don't mind shaking your hand. Some of them have offered to pose for a picture, but you shouldn't badger them for one. Imagine it from their side, if everyone they bumped into begged to take a picture they'd never be able to get out of their room
    ~ Bring a large backpack or messenger bag or purse or something to carry things in. Not every vendor has bags with handles and it will make your life a lot easier if you can put all your smaller items into one bag
    ~ If you're planning on getting a lot of autographs you might want to get a three ring binder and a bunch of sheet protectors to fill it. It makes organizing your photos and autographs a lot easier, you can see all of them quick to find the one you need, it's easier to carry them, and it's easier to show them off.
    ~ They will remind you a bunch of times but people still don't do this...When you get on line for an autograph PLEASE have your items out and ready. It realy holds up the line when people have to wait for someone fumbling through their things
    ~ Keep an eye on your wallet, purse, money, cell phone, camera, etc. It's nice to think that at cons we're all friends, but the real world reality is that not everyone is so nice and there might be someone there who would take advantage of someone who is not paying attention to their belongings
    ~ It's been helpful to me to have a small notebook and jot down every purchase I make when I make it including meals. A the end of the day it helps with your budgeting if you can see exactly what you spent and where and exactly how much you have left to spend
    ~ If you can wait, sometimes vendors have good deals on the last day of the con. Whatever they don't sell they have to pack up and ship home, so many of them offer good deals to get rid of their stock.
    ~ If you get up to ask a celeb a question, please try to be respectful of the people in line and the actors time. It's great to thank them and tell them how much you love them, but it wastes a lot of time when everyone does it. Also pay attention to the questions that came before you so you don't repeat any
    ~ If you're going in costume try it all on completely including any accessories, shoes, makeup, everything a few days before the con and walk around in it for a little while. This will give you an idea of how much time you will need to give yourself to get ready in the morning, any adjustments that need to be made to the custume, or any last minute repairs, as well as if you will be able to walk all day in your shoes. I handmake my costumes and I found out once that my husband's jacket while great and comfortable on him while standing was unbearably uncomfortable while sitting so I had to make some quick adjustments
    ~ If you're going in costume bring a sewing kit, and extra fabric ribbons, whatever you need to make emergency repairs to your costume
    ~ this one seems like common sense, but some people forget about it. PERSONAL HYGENE is important. The seats are very close together and you will be together for a long time. Also try to go easy on the perfume/cologne, again you are sitting very close together and if it's too strong it can bother people. It's also a good idea to have deoderant in your bag with you
    ~ If you're not in costume, try to wear a t shirt and have a hoodie or something with you. If it's the summer the AC could be cranked up and you could get cold, or if it's the winter the heat could be turned up and you could get hot
    ~ Taking pictures is great and fun, but please be respectuful of the people who payed for the close seats and the people behind you who can't see or get their own pictures with you standing in front of them
    ~budget some extra money in case of an emergency (or awesome collectible) and extra hundred dollars or so might realy come in handy in an emergency
    ~bring a bottle of febreeze and wrinkle release spray. both will come in handy
    ~ A convention is an amazing way to meet new people. Be careful of who you give your info to though. Something very helpful would be to create some "business cards" with your name and email address and perhaps the name of the character you are portraying. There are websites that you can print them up for free like
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    CurtisEt reacted to Stephen of Borg in General Questions/Comments Regarding Conventions   
    there is a good chance that I may go to Dragon Con next month. I have never been to a convention, and this will be my first. What should I know? How much money should I bring? Should I reserve a hotel room before the day of the convention or can I wait? Please help
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    CurtisEt reacted to Kor37 in Grace Lee Whitney, Yeoman Janice Rand, Dead at 85   
    I never realized that she was only in 8 episodes! She certainly made an impact. She lived a long life though. RIP Yeoman Rand.
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    CurtisEt reacted to Kor37 in R.I.P. BakulaBabe   
    I am very sad to report that BakulaBabe and her husband both died in a fire at their home last December. Denise was an active member of this group and I was heartbroken when I heard this.
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    CurtisEt reacted to Vic in Discovery Episode #5 Primer   
    Spoiler Alert! (If you haven't seen episode #4 of Star Trek: Discovery, “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry”)
    Last Time on Discovery…

    The aggressive, deadly Tardigrade, now aboard the U.S.S. Discovery is now the object of Captain Lorca’s borderline obsession, as he sees in it a way to defeat the enemy.

    Commander Landry soon learned the hard way just how powerful and lethal the “Ripper” really is and what “makes it so good at killing Klingons.”

    “Discovery is no longer a science vessel,” Lorca warned. “It’s a warship.” He demands that Stamets and Burnham find a way to weaponize the Ripper.

    The battle is on, with the U.S.S. Discovery and her crew on red alert as they engage a pair of Klingon Birds-of-Prey in a firefight. Or is it? It’s actually only an exercise, a simulation, and one that’s not gone well. “We’ll do better next time, sir,” Landry promises, prompting Lorca to reply, “It would be hard to do worse.”

    The Klingon intrigue continues apace, with Voq starved but still the Torchbearer and still determined to make T’Kuvma proud. Kol arrives, initially kneeling to Voq and noting that the Klingons need Voq back in the fight, as his ship possesses the cloaking technology that can crush Starfleet. Voq, however, needs a dilithium process. Meanwhile, L’Rell stands front and center amidst the intrigue. Whose side is she really on? We also learned that Voq and L’Rell ate Captain Georgiou, with Voq having smiled as he picked the meat from her smooth skull.

    Not surprisingly, there’s still plenty of tension between Lt. Saru and Michael Burnham. Saru still doesn’t trust Burnham, and why should he? And she proves him right yet again when she makes small talk with Saru in attempt to gauge his fear level in the presence of the Ripper. Take note in the photo of Burnham’s uniform. As the ship’s computer noted: “Rank… none.”

    Lt. Stamets hates what’s going on around him. A man of science, he’s forced to work for a man of war (Lorca) and with a mutineer (Burnham). Yet, successfully determining how the Discovery can make a long jump without losing navigational stability – and using the Ripper to do so – might save countless lives, starting with the souls on Corvan II. The Ripper is his so-called supercomputer. In other Stamets-related developments, we met Dr. Hugh Culber, who has been revealed to be his partner.

    The Ripper is indeed the answer to saving the day, and those on Corvan II, but at what price to Lorca’s soul, Landry’s life, Stamets’ scientific integrity (and his nose), and to Burnham’s sense of right and wrong? And what of the Tardigrade, which shrieks and shudders in pain with each torturous trip to the reaction cube?

    Next on Discovery…

    In the new episode called "Choose Your Pain," Lorca unexpectedly finds himself in the company of a prisoner of war, Starfleet Lieutenant Ash Tyler (Shazad Latif), and a notorious intergalactic criminal, Harry Mudd (Rainn Wilson).

    Meanwhile, Burnham voices her concerns about the repercussions of the spore drive.
    This picture of Lorca must be from a scene set before what we see in the “Choose Your Pain” trailer, which depicts him being tortured in a style that suggests A Clockwork Orange meets TNG's “Chain of Command.”

    Not surprisingly, Lt. Saru and Burnham are still at odds.

    Wilson Cruz makes his second appearance as Dr. Culber.

    Worth Noting…

    Lifelong Star Trek fan Rainn Wilson makes his Discovery debut as Harry Mudd. “He's mischievous and deadly at the same time,” Wilson told a few months ago. “And that's a fun balance to watch.”
    “Choose Your Pain” marks the first Discovery episode directed by Lee Rose. A stage actor turned screenwriter turned director, she counts among her many previous credits Weeds, The Glades, True Blood, Lost Girl, Haven Zoo, Grimm, Riverdale and Dynasty.

    Star Trek: Discovery streams Sunday nights on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada. The series streams on Mondays on Netflix in the rest of the world.

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