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  1. I don't know, watching the series, Crusher seems much more youthful, in appearence and attitude.

    Maybe it's because my mother is a teacher and as part of that has a phsyce degree, and I see aspects of her in Troi, which puts me off completely.


    Another big thing is that Troi as a character has these emotional needs, for companionship and loyalty and usually it seems like she isolates herself from these things, until almost out of the blue BAM she acts like a giggly school girl for an episode.


    Another mother-related thing, She asks questions she already knows the answer too, ALL THE TIME, my mom does that, cannot stand it for a second.


    In short, I do not find Troi attractive, she strikes me as being "old" (maybe maturity wise if not old of body) and they put her character in some real ugly suits.


    7 of 9 looked great in the cat suits, would make quite glad that I didn't have to wear one, and further stand up.


    But on her, they just don't do it, Troi looks better, Younger even, in a uniform.

  2. This topic is so retarded.

    Yet I must respond.


    Crusher over Troi any day of the week.


    Troi was eeh, she was just old... and I dunno, so, clingy.


    Crusher'd be a women with some self-reliance, someone who would be a part of your life (and look great too) but also wouldn't hang on you with some whiny "Am I making the right decision" wheedly voice at EVERY turn.

  3. Super episode.


    For like the first half of the episode I was wondering about the pips.


    I just kinda figured that he gotten a different uniform and they forgot to change 'em around or something.


    Anyway, was really good.

  4. I liked this episode, but their was one thing that severely bothered me.




    I will concede that it MIGHT have been possible for some borg nanites combined with the doctors holo transmitter could form a borg... something...



    But I find the odds that it would decide to grab someones D.N.A. and create a single drone, and not equip that drone with the proper equipment to be part of the collective from birth, highly unlikely.


    FURTHERMORE, I will concede that the adaptive borg technology would be able to use the metallic structure of the portable emitter to design a better armor, but everything else about him was B.S.


    If you got a book from the future, say this book is an intense examination on rocks, it may contain things you didn't know about before, but a book on ROCKS won't give you information on INTERNAL TRANSPORTER NODES!?!?!


    I just couldn't look past this painful problem.

  5. I know this may be an ignorant way to quantify things but I rate shows based on how much I like them and how much they appeal to me.


    On my personal scale the series go in this order








    With enterprise I NEVER liked captain Archer, looking at his face made me angry... He was a very weak captain, a whiny guy.


    I know every captain would tell you that they don't enjoy fighting but you always see them come out smiling at a job well done and congratulating the crew, and if someone is too blame they take the rap.


    Archer on the other hand was never smiling, always whiny, and delagated his own blame like a tray of brownies, this guy seriously pissed me off.


    I could have been a better captain than him... Xindi you say? give a shoulder mounted rocket launcher and a shuttle pod, I'll kick their faces in until they learn not to mess with earth!!!

  6. You misunderstand, I refer not to the length of the series I refer to my use of the qualifer "was" I find the series to be weak of character, story, and the technological blunders apalled me (they had view screens for everything yet the NC-1701 had to use the old time movie blinders?)


    I can understand that the show would fail horribly if they had decided to 60-ize the tech they used on the show but to me thats just further proof they shouldn't be trying to Pre-empt The Kirk.


    at any rate, my laughter was evoked from the cancellation of the series and the joy I find therein, not to offend of course.

  7. Ent was weakest (haha! I can now say was! because it is cancelled! haha!)


    VOY was the absolute no doubt best.



    If you think otherwise I'll kill you.

    It's not even a joke, I'll hunt you down in between the yu-gi-oh cards and the pokemon video games and rip your heart out for differing from my opinion.


    Conform or die.

  8. DAMN!


    More pre-Kirk nonsense!?


    I think the whole thing is bull-doody and that it spits in the face of the excellent oringinal season by degrading Captain Kirk as the first true space hero...


    I really wanted to see more of the 24th century, or even the 25th?


    why not move forward to a time period where all the common races (Klingon, Romulan, Human, Vulcan, Cardassian) get along with one another and have to face some new enemy?


    how about some unstoppable species of horrible aliens that destroyed the federation in the future and having run out of useable materials in the future decide there would be more if they went back in time...


    these aliens are all thining "heh, we beat them in the future, they should be panzies in the past" but they don't count on them stepping into the golden age of trek hero's where any given ship can beat any given enemy given the proper time to think up a complicated plan with a simple analogy!

  9. :)


    I like me some 'treknology.


    I remember reading the holographic information out of a certified treknology guide somewhere, and it was a book not online, I just wish I could remember the source so I could add it's detailed explanations to the defining answer...


    Other then that, :rolleyes: thank you for the praise.

  10. When the doctor is in a Holographically enabled area (sick bay, holodeck) he weighs nothing because he is merely a projected light source, when he travels with his holo emitter, he weighs the weight of the holo emitter, but only in the sense that is uses micro-tractor beams to sustain it's position in the air.


    lets add some definitions here:


    Mobile emitter

    Episode: VOY 151 - Future's End, Part II



    A portable holographic imaging device used by Voyager's EMH to access areas without holographic projectors.

    Henry Starling constructed the mobile emitter from 29th-century technology he appropriated from Braxton's timeship.


    so the we reference holodecks, to understand holographic technology.



    Episode: TNG 101 - Encounter at Farpoint, Part I



    The generic name, especially in use aboard Federation starships, for the "smart" virtual reality system as evolved by the 2360s — a technology that combines transporter, replicator, and holographic systems.

    The programs, projected via emitters within a specially outfitted but otherwise empty room, can create both "solid" props and characters as well as holographic background to evoke any vista, any scenario, and any personality — all based on whatever real or fictional parameters are programmed.


    While personal holoprograms relieve the stress and isolation of shipboard life for crew personnel, Holodecks are also used for tasks ranging from scientific simualtion to tactical or even covert training. Off starships, many commercial users have equipped facilities with so-called Holosuites.


    From this we gather that Holo-technology is either a a "prop" something you touch, or something non-tangible (the horizon maybe?) so as you interact with some thing it alters from being a non-tangible lightsource and becomes a "prop"


    I've read far more into holographic technology but I can't seem to find the resource on the Startrek website, so let me suffice it to provide this definition:



    Things in a holographic enviroment have simulated weight and texture through the use of many many highly specilized tractor beams, but until you actually touch something it is merely eye candy and isn't real, nothing in a holographic enviroment has any weight, ever... the effect of weight is simulated through tractor beams.



    Thusly, the doctor weighs nothing except his mobile emitter, which seems (by the way it is tossed) to weigh no more then few ounces.