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  1. You scored as Captain Kirk.

    You are Captain Kirk. You are driven by your ideals. You have a daring soul with great potential, but you won't get far without good friends to save your *buttocks* when you try to face down a horde of space monsters without a plan B. You are a sensualist to the extreme. Watch out for overindulgence if you still want to fit into that nifty captain's uniform.


    Hikaru Sulu




    Captain Kirk



    Pavel Chekov








    Dr. McCoy








    Montgomery Scott--"Scotty"




    Nurse Chapel



  2. These are mine

    Chicago at Washington ~ Washington

    Cincinnati at Cleveland ~ Bengals

    Denver at Miami ~Denver

    Houston at Buffalo ~ Buffalo

    New Orleans at Carolina ~ Panthers

    N.Y. Jets at Kansas City ~ Cheifs

    Seattle at Jacksonville ~ Seattle

    Tampa Bay at Minnesota ~ Vikings

    Tennessee at Pittsburgh ~ Stealers

    Arizona at N.Y. Giants ~ Arizona

    Dallas at San Diego ~ Cowboys(This is my team)

    Green Bay at Detroit ~ Packers

    St. Louis at San Francisco ~ Rams

    Indianapolis at Baltimore ~ Ravens

    Philadelphia at Atlanta ~ Sorry VA but im going with The Falcons

  3. WESLEY he is so damn goody goody and annoying. The others all could be interesting or at least good to look at. Neelix might get a little annoying but just play 20 questions or something with him and talk to barkly about his favorite holo novel but wesley i would hope i had a phaser to stun him with or lets say he wouldn't be walkin out of the turbo lift.