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  1. Guys and Girls,

    from stuff i read, E was a combat cruiser, and D was an explorer, from what i remember.. But D was my favorite for more reson then one.. There's a reason i asked about Enderprise E taking part in the Dominion War, was i wasn't to sure if she did, that why i asked... Both ships will hold a spical place in my heart.. Maybe in a 100-years from now is will al be possible.. i hope they bring D back from the dead.. i know that not possible, but that just me..


  2. Guys

    Ok, that was i was thinking to. IT's sad all six never got to operate as a team, the six of them.. For some reason, and I can't put by finger on it, but for some reason, D is and will always be my famorite.. And if any of you listoned to the audio commentary on Generations, She did have a stubby litttle butt.. i wist they could bring her back from the dead.. but that's just me.. also i'm kind of doing a story on D and e and i got that size and metter and feet and some one tell me what they are in miles, D was 642 meters is just over 2,106 and E was 685 meters, watch is just 2,247 feet. i'm not trying to be a smartass ok, i'm just asking ok..


  3. Ya, but she did as much damage back!! o i found a 17" model of Ent-D.. And i was wondering if anyone has it, and can telll me about it.. But one of the ships wait for her was USS Galaxy, she was the sister to Ent. D.. i going guess that USS Hood (NCC-42296), was named after the WW 2 British BAttleship sank By KM PRinz Eugen And Bismarck, Right.. What dose tyh NCC mean.


  4. E was trying to make it to a small fleet awaiting for her in Sector 1045: USS Intrepid (NCC-74600) USS Valiant (NCC-75418) USS Galaxy (NCC-70637) USS Aries (NCC-45167) USS Nova (NCC-73515) USS Hood (NCC-42296) USS Archer (NCC-44278). my question here is if she made it to them. could they have protceted her or would it have been an even firght..