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  1. Scotty doesn't need a virus to get drunk! Oh... and TNG also used Star Trek: Phase II episodes such as "The Child" and "Devils Due" (Star Trek: Phase II was a proposed television series, but instead they made The Motion Picture, which was based off the Phase II episode "In Thy Image")

  2. The Doctor, he could activate his ECH program (while he's not daydreaming, otherwise he'd be too busy seducing the ladies and blowing up borg spheres with the photonic cannon :lol: ) and, any captain should have hand to hand fighting skills, and the mobile emitter is only about 6 centimeters, so it would be hard to hit

  3. Cheesier things have happened to Jack the Ripper, like being teleported in time to 1979 (I'm refering to the 1978 movie "Time after Time", if you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and don't)"A Wolf in the Field" is an okay episode I guess

  4. Wait... if mirror universe Archer captured the Defiant (NCC-1764 which is 100 years more advanced than the NX class) from the Tholian space dock, shouldn't mirror universe technology be much greater (and, yes I did watch "A Mirror Darkly" parts I&II and I know the mirror Hoshi poisoned the mirror Archer and became empress of the Terran Empire, but that's irrelevant to my point)