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  1. Ben & Jerry can talk ice cream to me all they want. But when it comes to politics, I prefer making my own decisions. I'm a little concerned with everyone treating Obama like the second coming when he has had so little political experience. I still only have the most basic understanding of where he stands on most of the important issues of the day (because he never elaborates), so I'm reserving my final decision on which candidate I'll vote for in November.


    Right now I'm leaning toward McCain, because I see him as the most moderate of the four candidates remaining and the one best suited to dealing with either a Democratic-led or GOP-led Congress. McCain's not perfect, I have some issues with him in some areas. But overall, he's more palatable to me.

  2. Just my opinion, but Spock's World was horrible.


    The book failed on so many levels, that it would be impossible for me to list all my gripes. But a few of the main ones are that Diane Duane made Vulcans too similar to pre-Federation humans, at times the cultures seem indistinguishable. Then we have a Surak with all the appeal of a health and wealth gospel televangelist. And this guy changed the face of a civilization overnight? <_< Finally, the scenes of Vulcans annihilating an entire alien armada using only the collective power of their minds and then mentally projecting images of the destruction back to the aliens homeworld was too much. They're Vulcans, not gods.


    Read it if you must, but you can't take it seriously as an historical text.

  3. I wouldn't call Voyager the weakest series. I reserve that low place exclusively for Enterprise.


    Voyager could have been better. I really wish they had stayed with the original concept longer (Neelix being the native guide, the Maquis being unpredictable and independent, Tom Paris being the bad boy with no allegiances to anyone). But before we knew it, it was one big happy Starfleet crew, Neelix was Julia Child and all that was out the window. <_<


    Still, Voyager managed to shine from time to time, and I don't consider any of the seasons particularly "weak", as I enjoyed them all (certain episodes aside). And it did have at least one character, The Doctor, who has become one of my all time favorite Trek personalities.

  4. I always thought that they should have changed uniforms. It would have given them a sense of "home" and still belonging, despite being so far away. Star Trek writers are notorious for not caring about continuity, so of course, they overlooked or ignored the uniform change when the time came. Its just one of the little things that raise my blood pressure when it comes to the Trek universe.

  5. My great uncle and aunt still live in a little shack out on the bayou. They have no electricity, use a privy and keep their own animals for meat. I used to spend summers with my uncle Monroe (who I love to death) fishing for crabs, crawfish, garfish, and just about anything else we could trap or hook on a line. I've watched my aunt Lena snap chicken necks, pluck 'em and prepare them for a pot. I've seen rabbits and hogs slaughtered. Eaten nutrias, squirrels, turtles, ducks. If it flies, burrows or swims through central Florida or southern Louisiana I've probably eaten it at some point.


    Doesn't bother me a bit. That's why they're there. Food. Man has been raising and slaughtering animals for food for thousands of years.

  6. I've always considered the refit Connie a new class of starship. Not only is it larger, but most of the ships systems were totally new or re-designed. McCoy didn't recognize sickbay, and Kirk was totally lost on a ship he should have known like the back of his hand.


    Nothing about the ST:TMP Enterprise except for the general shape of the ship was familiar. Everything else was completely new and different.