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  1. TOS: "Plato's Stepchildren"


    TNG: "Data's Day"


    DS9: "You Are Cordially Invited"


    VOY: "Someone To Watch Over Me" (cries at the lost opportunity of D7)


    ENT: "The Andorian Incident"

  2. Well there is Jadzia, I've always fallen for the tall.

    There is Leeta, she certainly has the body parts.

    Grilka was surprisingly hot for a Klingon woman.

    One of the female Vorta was rather cleavagy in a perky way.

    And the tall Dabo girl who worked for Quark in the later seasons. She was like a predator.

    And speaking of that I kind of enjoyed the female Obsidian agent in Defiant, but now we are getting kinky.


    Just for fun I'll also add a list of females I did not find that attractive.


    Ezri. Too diminutive, too much high school girl.

    Keiko, though I'm not sure why.



    That would be M'Pella, who rocks my frickin' socks!



    I like your choices, hooray for boobies!

  3. I voted for head explosion...there were qualities about both Data and Lore that I loved.



    I really feel Lore could have been 'a good boy' (so to speak) if Dr. Soong hadn't spent all his time on Data. Lore felt neglected and hurt by his father; he had human emotions, it's how he should feel in such a situation!

  4. I have never been a fan of Troi she is flat and unconvincing but many men watch females like that for there acting. Take Seven she couldnt act but they didnt employ her for that. Trek now seems to get females who try and ooze sex appeal



    Now that I disagree with. Jeri Ryan was a GREAT actress...she proved it during the episode 'Infinite Regress', when she had to play all those different people she'd assimilated (LOVED her Ferengi impersonation). She was a really good actress...the writers just never gave her anything worth a crap to work with.


    Marina on the other hand...I think it was the fact that she was trying to do an Eastern European accent instead of her natural British one that made her sound so stilted in her speech all the time.



    And Roy...WTF? Marina Sirtis is NOT fat!