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  1. 120,001 :DGreat job!



    Not to criticize you but I don't know if you like the new ship design or not...

    Ehehe... still gotta get to reviewing the movies and fixing up those continuity mistakes!



    Hey, also... since I've been gone - I made seven audio and one live action episodes of my fan fiction (finally got it off the ground... Star Trek: Eternal Night!)

  2. Wow! Congrats man.


    All's well here. Been plugging away at (yeap, still going!) - getting big names for interviews which is cool. Doug Drexler, Rod Roddenberry are just two of the names... crazy adventure. Got about 120,000 hits since April too which is cool.

  3. Glad you came back. I for one do not know if I remember you. With Trek as part of your name you seem familiar. It might just be the name. Having said that sometimes when I read a persons posts I see a certain things. So keep posting.

    Hey Bethlehem!

  4. Wow, it's been far too long! December 2006 was my last post, and that's just a crazy amount of time ago.


    I'm now 26 and living in Brisbane... still plugging away at too, in fact that's the reason I'm back - was looking through my stats and saw about 75 hits from this very site which I had totally forgotten about! I'm now doing interviews on the site, Doug Drexler, Rod Roddenberry, Alice Krige, Jeffrey Combs have all had a chat with me... and I had a chat with Larry Nemecek on the weekend, that'll be up soon.


    Anyone remember me? :flowers:





    Press Release from

    For Immediate Release...


    Access 31's Program Committee has just sent an email regarding our application for possible broadcast on Access 31 - Community television here in Western Australia.


    Firstly, we must stress that or its staff are NOT in direct control of Unity, we are but a meager part of a grander scheme. We came on board about 2 months after Star Trek: Unity was conceived, and it has been misconstrewed that it is "our" endeavour. is contributing through broadcast access, editing and casting managment.


    With that said, welcome to this exclusive news article!


    We have just received an email from Access 31's program co-ordinator who has informed us that we have a green light to proceed to the next stage of program proposal. This means that the station is interested in our pilot episode and that once it is completed, they will review us further.


    Further information regarding their decision could be the interest in a sci-fi night, in which Unity could take an anchoring part.


    We are still awaiting Paramount Pictures International's Vice President's response to our request of their stance on this new situation. As various contributors have said, Paramount will not allow broadcasting of fan fic's. However, we are hoping that they will see 31 as what it is, free-to-air and not-for-profit.


    MORE DETAILS AS THEY BREAK, but this is definatley good news.




    10.07.05 ANNOUNCES:

    Video Promo Released, Seems Re-Release Inevitable


    We've just spent the last few hours creating a video promo detailing our bold vision for the future. Also in the promo is a date for our return. It seems that we can't stay away too long.


    Welcome to, we are Australia's only Star Trek resource site, however our main computer server crashed in January 2005, we did not publicly announce this because we felt our tape back ups would cover us, thus the "coming up" promo images always displayed on our home page.


    However, it became clear that our backups were too old, and to re-build would take time and effort. We did not feel that we had the time - because all of our staff work on TREKZONE voluntarily and, short of mind control and whips, we could not keep them here.

  was faced with closure, however our curator has decided to resurrect the site, with events coming up soon that will hopefully bring more visitors, we are going to re-create what was for a very short time.


    Expanded on from the promo are these facts - in 2003 and 2004 combined, 501, 173 different Australian IPs visited, 4 123 634 (4.1 million) visitors from across the globe came to our part of the net. Among the biggest countries were (in ourder of visits): America, Australia, Germany and the UK. Most people had Windows XP running MS IE 6.0. Average time spent on our site was 6.5 minutes with the biggest referers (again, in order):


    IMAGINATION ISLAND's own direct refers for pages.


    Video available here:




    10.07.05 ANNOUNCES:

    Details on New Series of Star Trek: Poseidon

 's first run, original fan fiction series - Star Trek: Poseidon - suffered at the hands of the lacking previous ownership. Now, it's been revitilised and a new spark has emerged in the monkey cage. The first details are out...


    Captain Art Flemming, commanding officer of the U.S.S. London for 10 years, commands the most successful "escort vessel" in Starfleet. No other Defiant-class vessel has been in more battles and come out unscathed than the London, Captain Flemming runs a tight ship though, but with a crew that respects and looks up to him there is rarely any need for law and order. Klingon Chancellor Mar'tok once called him "the iron warrior" after he helped sway the tide against the Dominion in the last battle of the Dominion War, his methods are proven, his tactics sound...


    ...but, beneath the man everyone loves lies a secret, a secret so destructive he would kill to protect it. Commander Michelle Perry, first officer of 7 years, is romanticly involved with the Captain, and now Ms. Perry is pregnant. Not willing to face a court martial and unable to stop the affair, Art must smuggle the first officer off the ship to the isolated and unaffiliated world of Methos IV.


    This is where the trouble begins. The U.S.S. London receives her first orders since the Dominion War, and after a lenghty overhaul at McKinley Station. Reports indicate a terrible act of genocide has occured on Methos IV and now Captain Flemming amd his crew must investage whilst hiding his true resolve for this mission. Hope remains for his beloved, however ransom demands force the love into open air, causing the London to be recalled, and the Defiant to take it's place.


    However, Art isn't going to give up without a fight, and he resigns his commission and steals a shuttlecraft...


    ....and this is where the adventures begin...


    Star Trek: Poseidon, premieres October 2005.




    In personal news, relating to STF, trekzone has made a return to the fan forum, coincidently within 20 days of his second anniversary since his registration. Trekzone brings with him - argh, who am i kidding - I bring you good tidings, the news above and a promise to post at least once a day.




    Hi all, i'm glad to be back, looks like all my old favs are still here -- with newbies that I'll get to know too!!!! :lol:


    Look forward to it,




  6. 590x175.jpg


    Starliner Productions has announced that a very special 5 minute presentation from Star Trek: Enterprise will be produced this week and released on


    With the final 2 episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise airing on UPN on Friday from 8/7C, and Starliner Productions have announced that a short special presentation will be released with our review from the 2 final episodes, episode screen caps and a special clip from each episode.


    Overall we are anticipating over 200 media items to be released on Friday.


    The planned "festivities" will commence on Friday the 13th at 12pm GMT with the release of the "best of...", then at the special time of 1pm GMT, Star Trek: Poseidon returns for the first time since March. Terra Prime and These Are The Voyages... will be reviewed on Saturday evening and images, clips and the reviews will be available at 1pm GMT.


    The "best of..." presentation will contain the best bits from all four seasons of Enterprise, from touching moments between the crew, to gut wrenching scenes of despair. All the way through to the climatic end of the Xindi conflict. Of course, we don't want to ruin the effect of the finished product, so more details are being kept secret.


    Star Trek: Enterprise was deliberately not added to's 2005 sweeps because our parent company - Starliner Productions - is trying to acquire the rights to Enterprise's first season and, if successful, the episode reviews will be released as the episodes air. There has been no word on a result as of the 8th of May 2005, however we are awaiting Paramounts final decision, and when it comes through it will be announced here on


    Here's to the next generation...


    Live Long and Prosper.






    TO BE RELEASED ON STARTREKFANS.NET at the time specified above...

  for the source...