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  1. When Ent first came one I always thought they would get into the Romulan War, but the they went with the TCW route. They did start to slowly introduce the Romulans, but the show got the ax before they could get that far. If the show had gone another couple seasons I think that's when it would have happen.

  2. Greetings,

    I don't consider this to be a prequel per se, more of a relaunch/new take on a great man's vision in the current fad of movies like the newer [batman] movies, or other Remakes of Classics. This one has a twist in that it looks steller and looks to live up to the hype. It's different from a [batman] flick in that you're casting is based on real iconic people as opposed to drawings done 60+ years ago. I was apprehensive when I first about it, like I was with Transformers, time will tell if it will live up to that retake, and will be with Voltron when that comes out. I'm psyched for this thing. The only way I think it could ever be a true preqeul is if Gene Roddenberry had ever thought to completely map out his vision rather than it being stretched in every direction by every Tom, Dick, & Harry.........................


    It looks to continue on the same line of vision created by Enterprise, which is fantastic. I'm hoping this movie will create a line of movies in the fashion of Star Trek II-IV, which were done in quick succesion, as opposed to other stand alone movies which needs to induce Character/Plot/etc. quickly, which is hard to do in SciFi since of course it relies on character depth so much, even with a franchise like Star Trek, and more so with these characters. Which what I'm hoping we get with this movie, a few more.


    I would have liked to have seen a Enterprise Movie just gone straight to a new series sicne i'm ready for it, but maybe this reeducation, reinvision, and reintroduction on why Star Trek is so great, with Pop Culture what it is today, is just what the Franchise needs.


    Just my thoughts.................


    Havn't been here in along time, glad to see it's still around.

  3. I like the show, history shows are always great. It just seems the history channel is doing much on the same topics on to many shows. They repeat themselves with the content on Digging for the truth, Lost Worlds, Engineering an Empire, and now Anicent Discoveries. All of which are good in their own right. The host, Josh can be really annoying, but i'm probably just jealous. I do think the way the show is presented, very simplified, is a good intro to some of the topics & eras they bring up.

  4. When I first heard about the movie and that it wasn't going to be animated I was like "This is going to suck, another thing from the 80's they've ruined". I got the 20th Anniversary DVD and watched the little preview, having seen the trailer, and that Steven Spielberg is involved i'm very hopful about the movie, i'm really looking forward to it. Transformers & Voltron are two of my favorite shows from when I was a kid.

  5. Yeah, that was freaky, who was that guy? 

    Click for Spoiler:

    I agree with someone in another thread who said he looked like a Reman.

    This time travel stuff is messin' with my head, where's Marty McFly when you need him?

    Click for Spoiler:

    Reman, yeah I could see that, hopefuly the Romulan conflict will start to show it self next season. There should be a layoff in the timespan for repairs to the ship early next seaon. So once they get back to there own time (if thats the case), maybe that will be the thing for next year.

  6. I think it will do as well as it does on Wednesday & not really effect it. Star Trek fans culd look at it as a good lead in to "Trek Uncut" on Spike. Star Trek fans who like the show will watch it no matter what. I think the only thing really keeping ENT down is it being on UPN.

  7. I'm not sure I would call it prejudice as they do have blue skin so it is not really a preconceived idea. However I agree that there is clearly some animosity left, which is a device to highlight the time in which the series is set and that this crew still has it's flaws - something that can be used to make the stories exciting in a way not really explored before in Trek.

    Agreed, if I read your post right, in that by the time ENT takes place all of our concepts of "race" are gone and everyone is equal. So what we may precieve as a slur excluding Travis and Hoshi doesn't register with them. "Pinkskin" I think is just what the Andorians call Humans. For all we know it could be how the word Human translates into Andorian, anyone ever taken a phrase from a different language and directly translate it in to your own?

  8. Full time-

    Liverpool got lucky, after a shamful 1st half Liverpool managed to pull it togeather by sending in Heskey, a move which payed off in the 70th min with a goal that you would expect from a top flight team. The 76th min foul on Kewell was a joke, Diouf's dive wasn't as bad as Kewell's, they caught a lucky break which lead to Murphy putting the PK away.

    Yeovil Town though, played a good game, but just lost due to some lucky breaks for Liverpool. Yeovil is a good example of a Nationwide League Team, young, scrappy, and playing the game for the real reasons you play it, score goals, win, and make the supporters happy. Yeovil showed they could hang with the big boys, Liverpool may have won, but they should have done better.

    Final score: Yeovil 0:2 Liverpool (0:0)

    Nice job Yeovil.

  9. Half Time:

    The thing I like most about the FA Cup is seeing the games played on those small local venues, not the over sized ones. Liverpool couldn't score a goal if they were being paid to.......oh wait. lol

    Diouf gets a yellow card for diving, shocking, I knew Diouf wasn't that great when they signed him, he was just one of those flavour of the moment guys who had a good World Cup, he hasn't scored a goal in 31 League Games, reason? He spends to much time on the ground.

    Liverpool is ripe for an upset, they have nothing up front, and no cohesion between the Liverfool players.

    Yeovil is playing to keep it close, waiting for the "Mighty Reds" to make a mistake, which seems very likely.

  10. I have the XP Fire wall on, as using Norton Internet Security & Anti Virus, I've never had a problem with smilies or anything. You probably just need to do a little tweaking in your settings, I did when I first installed Norton.

  11. My fellow members of STF.net,

    After a alot of thought, i've decided to step down as a MOD here at STF.net. Over the last few months i've taken alot of projects that have taken up a growing amount of my time, I no longer feel as though I can give this site and its boards the attention they deserve. I would like to thank all the members here at this board who have made it such a success. I've been a member since the board first really started, from the old board to now its been a really awsome thing to watch, don't stop now.



    Fmr. MOD of the ENT & Holodeck 3: Modern Entertainment

  12. ***MOD NOTE***

    In my opinion all post in this thread have been on topic, please refrain from attacking members, and to not turn this thread in to a off topic argument


    Back to the topic, basic plot lines always are rehashed from older stories its pretty hard to come up with new ideas. Enterprise is becoming my favorite Star Trek Series, if it were copied word for word I'd have a problem with it. Enterprise is just good trek, using the time tested formula.