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  1. I have to agree with everybody else I thought that she looked alot better in the uniform it just was the creators first atempt at a cat suit a fact if you did not already know orginaly Denise crosby was going to play troi and marina sirtis was going to play yar but at the last moment Gene Roddenberry switch them

    Well, I think it was a good idea to switch them.

    Because I do not think Tasha would of been suited as a good councelor....

    it suted Deanna better.

  2. Galsh Kacan

    Current Residence: Bajor



    Identifacation Number: 85276-4075

    Class: Traveler


    This Vulcan being is authorized free travel through all of Federation territory, as prescribed by the Federation treaty, this species is afforded all rights and privileges as prescribed in articles IV and VII.