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  1. Hey Gabri!! :Hmmm...: :biggrin:


    It was great to get a bit of SW again on the big screen,took 10mins or so till i got used to the way the cartoon was made but i enjoyed it..well worth paying to see even though i am downloading it right


    Right now i am rocking mandy to sleep in my arms..shame its not working :rolleyes:

    Hallo :laugh: I'm still pretty skeptical about this particular SW effort, I admit. The only thing I like about it at the moment is Ahsoka's name. :laugh: I did, however, get the latest issue of Knights of the Old Republic from my local comic book store today, which makes me happy. :superhappy:


    I remember trying to rock Dylan to sleep. That kid had a superhuman resistance to anything people normally do to get babies to sleep. :Hmmm...:


    Sleep, Mini-Mandy, sleep!