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  1. Yeah, well, I hate steriotypes.  Females complain if women aren't treated as "strong feminine characters" on a TV show, but no one complains if men in certain jobs are portrayed as gay? :unsure:


    If it were one or two gay people, it wouldn't bother me too much.  It's the fact that all six of them are gay that bothers me.

    All five of them, actually. While I don't approve of stereotypes, realistically speaking, I think they're inescapable; and in a capitalistic society, whatever sells is what will be produced. Shows and movies where women are not treated as 'strong feminine characters' obviously sell well, because there are still plenty of them out there. Stereotypical or not, the show is extremely popular, and I think it's good quality as well. To each their own, though. Diversity of opinion is what makes life interesting. ;)

  2. I recently finished Pride and Prejudice for the umpteenth time (I LOVE that book! :unsure: ), and at the moment it's all Star Wars, I must admit. I'm two books behind on the New Jedi Order, and trying to read some of the X-Wing series as well. I can't say I care for Sean Williams and Shane Dix's style (they wrote the last three books of the NJO), but if you like Star Wars, I highly recommend Starfighters of Adumar by Aaron Allston. Finished it yesterday, and it was great! ;)

  3. Here's a question.  Why did all of the decorators have to be gay?  Why couldn't some of them be straight?  Did they only look for gay decorators, and if so, isn't that sexual discrimination?

    No it's called stereotype in that many people have a preconceived notion that any man who is a decorator is gay. I had a guy for a hair stylist many years ago and he complained to me that the stereotype was for men in that line of work was either they were gay or like the Warren Beatty character from Shampoo. He was neither - a happily married guy who only wanted to be with his wife.

    I agree with Takara. The stereotype that any man in a profession that sounds the least bit feminine must be gay definitely exists. I imagine that Bravo or whoever first came up with the show simply used that stereotype to their own benefit -- you can't deny that it's a hook. And the more people who become curious about the show, the more watch it. So get them curious right from the first, with the whole concept. It's a gamble that's certainly paid off this time. I hear that Bravo is getting its highest ratings ever with this show. In an hour long shopping excursion yesterday, I heard at least two passersby discussing it. Personally, I think it's a great show. The Fab Five are a riot. :unsure:


    Gotta be Sisko. All of them are great, but I love Sisko's depth. He was always just such a real person. I thought we saw a much wider range of emotions and situations with Sisko. We saw him as a husband, father, widower, commander, warrior, even a religious figurehead, for heaven's sake.


    Q: You hit me! Picard never hit me!

    Sisko: I'm not Picard.


    Sums it all up, right there. :rolleyes:

  5. My sister is RikerChick. Trust me, I've heard about this board for a loooooooong time. If I didn't join, she would have disowned me. Resistance is futile.... :laugh:


    I'll use any excuse to use that assimilation smilie. :lol: I'm glad I joined, though. This is a very cool board. :cheese: