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  1. Cool thanks VBG, when ever I get my first movie done I'll have to post it. If I ever have the time that is.

    Me Too, although...I Still Need To Get The Songs I Need...And The Video Clips, lol

    I've all of the clips I've just got to find the right music and then throw it all togeather.

  2. If you have Windows XP you can do it. I'm not sure about 98, but the program I use comes with XP it's called Windows Movie Maker. I use several other programs to cut clips, edit audio and things like that but the main program is WMM.


    The hard part of it is getting the right clips for the right music then making them sync so the video looks good with the audio. It takes practice, and often requires inspiration (for me anyway lol) but I think I'm getting better at it with each video.

    What program do you use to edit the audio? I can't seem to find a good editing program.

  3. For a lot of people, myself included, this is just a hectic time of year. I'm so ready for winter! bedlam.gif

    Same for me for the past two weeks I've been trying to get evrything ready to have my new house built, but I've been trying to post as much as I can when I am at work or when I am not out looking at land for the house. I really can't wait to get everything done.

  4. Ok I really hate working really late on Wed. I always have to miss ENT I really need to start taping it. What's even worse is that I have never seen either one of these episodes so if anyone could hook me up I would really appriciate it.

  5. I read your post earlier today and held off until now to post. I went off into a drak corrner of my house (where I normally watch all things Star Trek that way I am not bothered) to ponder your question. Now as for if I could cast a TOS remake no I can't there is no one that I can think of that could pull off a convincing Kirk or Spock. I will keep thinking of some ideas but as it stands I would rather not see a remake of TOS.

  6. I work for a ISP and let me tell you this virus has been a thorn in my side.

    Mine too and I don't work for an ISP lol, that's what I get for having built so many computers for so many people though.


    I scanned my systems and I'm clean but I updated all of the systems with SP1. Not a lot more we can do then that I guess.

    That's about it, I just love people that have nothing better to do with thier time than think of ways to mess with people. But with this virus this person isn't just messing with a small group of people thier messing with a world of people.

  7. Thanks VBG I have alot of downloading to do and I think that I'll start when I get home from work. Seeing as though I don't get to watch alot of tv anymore because of my work schedule this is the best way for me to watch some of the episodes that I have to miss. Trust me I miss alot.