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  1. Thanks all :-)


    Yes, a little late to say it, I know, but I wanted too.


    Lately, I have no time to come each day like I used to for some time, and it makes me sad. But with work, and some health problem I have to solve, it's taking all my time.


    I hope I'll be able to come read this board soon :-)

    It's really the best :-)

  2. OMG... how on earth does Canada only represent less than 2 % of this site?  Canada while different than America probably had more sililairties to American than any other country in the world!  Besides when it comes to the net... geographics shouldn't even matter!  I know there are lots of people in Canada and I know there are many trekkies as well, so why aren't we flocking to these kinds of sites?  I feel so ALONE!  lol... doesn't matter anyhow... people are people! 

    I'm Canadian too! French Canadian as a matther of fact.


    And, since they are 1 Canadian for 10 american, and a part of that don't speak English (8 million on 28), that may explain it a little :bow:

  3. 1) I would go to the Vegas next year.. lol


    2) Will gave at least 10 millions directly to ppl in my family... Parents, brother, grand mothers...


    3) Pay my debts.. lol


    4) Continue to live normaly, but get things I couldn't otherwise... Trips, a nice house.... And having a part time job instead on a full time one

  4. I think TV is really based on the opinion and values of the people where is its broadcast base.


    I mean, put a naked woman on screen, or 2 people making love here, and no problem.


    However, violence is not really as tolerated...



    I think it's education, and knowing what is your value and your point of view, and base your viewing on this, and just to shut the tv when you aren't interested or offended :assimilated:

  5. Well, the big change was my vacations.. lol


    Now, back to school. I'm a student 48 weeks per year. Got 2 weeks in summer, and 2 weeks at Christmas for holidays.


    But, it will be more buzy. More request of work and all.


    So, this is probably the last day I can catch up, after that, I'll just be able to pass and quickly have a look :frusty: :frusty: :frusty::bow::assimilated::frusty:

  6. I didn't see Generation in a movie theater, because I wanted to see the movie in English (where I was then, the theater were just presenting movies in French)


    I decided to go see First contact in French, and during the nightmare of Picard at the beginning, when I heard him scream, I started to laugh so hard... at the translation voice!!!!!


    They were 20 ppl in the theater, but it was on a monday.


    I went to see Insurection at the opening in Montreal. Movie in English, the place was packed


    And I saw Nemesis at the beginning of January (I couldn't go sooner.. Well, I could, but in French. I was at my parent place for Christmas, and remember first contact, I decided to wait). But the place was 1/2 pack, which for a tuesday at 4 was good.


    And for Data's fan, I beg you, don't look at any Star Trek movie in French.. This is painfull

  7. Im gay. Blah de blah. And I have a very straight friend. I mean, VERY!!! He hates gay people. And he is my best mate. So I found it funny whenever Julian Bashir 'came out' about being a genius. Because of O'Brien's questions and confusion. He stayed his mate (as my mate did with me) yet had all these questions... ha ha ha

    That's an interesting comparison that I hadn't thought of. In the 24th century being genetically altered does have that stigma attached to it and Miles does seem somewhat uncomfortable initially but he works through his bias by asking Julian questions.



    And Miles is really competitive guys... Hard to friendly "compete" with your best pal in those circonstances....


    The scene when he wants Julian to play with a blindfold to even the chances is just too funny :assimilated:


    "Play, really play"

  8. Come to think of it diluting the Enemys is an important part of what Trek is about, showing that with time and effort enemies can become Allies. I know, dullsville but I think that expresses the intention.

    I agree, and with a bigger ennemy (the dominion), it was even more real than they had to fight together to beat them.


    Because we got other ennemies in the series... I think it's just a rotation, old enemies become allies, old allies enemies, and with new allies and enemies along the way...


    Seing all the same bad guys would be dull too in the long run...