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  1. Trekkers Norway is planning to start a fan tvseries in Norwegian, and it's called Star Trek: Nexus.

    It's still on the planning stage, but is already looking good.


    PS.: All conversation will be in english, and subtitles in norwegian and english (mostly for the hearing impaired).



  2. and there are emotional Vulcans on the other series. Just watch the DS9 episode "Take Me Out to the Holosuite"


    Yes, and what with Vorik in the VOY episode "Blood Fever". I know it was the Pon'Far, but Vorik (or was it Tuvok) said that then the Vulcans are experiencing this period, they are having difficulty controlling their emotions. And Vorik got rather furious several times in that episode.


    And let us not forget Sarek in the TNG episode "Sarek".



  3. I'm surprised "Make it so!" didn't make it on somewhere but two other Trek quotes did.


    True, but it's three Trek qoutes there, and they are:

    #93 -- "Resistance is futile" (Picard as Borg, "Star Trek: The Next Generation")

    #22 -- "Live long and prosper" (Spock, "Star Trek")
    #14 -- "Space, the final frontier ..." (Capt. Kirk, "Star Trek")



    The first one mentioned is my favorite. :eek:


    Is it number 100 or number 1 that is the most popular one, since the list was in order of popularity?



  4. I have only seen 3 of the movies and the Star Trek Voyager series, so I might be missing something out, but how did the Borg queen return after Picard defeated her in First Contact to come back into the Voyager series?


    She was "unkilled" [as they say in the editorial offices of DC Comics] the same way they keep bringing back villians like The Joker in comics. They essentially ignored her death in First Contact and made her able to regenerate by passing on her essense...or something. :frusty:


    She was also "unkilled" from The Best of Both Worlds. Remember that Picard said that she was on that Cube in that episode, and wondered how she could still be around since everyone on that ship died.



  5. What a beautiful poem... <_< It's very sad to hear that he has died. I will truly miss him.


    For anyone who knows the "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" song by U2, I have written a tribute song to this. It is called A pain to the heart which symbolises his pain and also our pain of loosing him. What do you think of it?


    Pain to the heart


    You're dangerous, 'cause you're honest

    You're daring, 'cause you know

    What you want

    Well you filled our hearts

    Full of love and kindness

    For any animal to see


    Look at how big he is



    You're an accident waiting to happen

    You've got pain to the heat… after what the stingray did

    Well you shown us things

    We were supposed to know

    Then you left us… with nothing to watch


    Hey hey I got him down

    Crikey it’s a big croc


    Who’s gonna restle your precious crocs?

    Who’s gonna climb with the monkeys?

    Who’s gonna crawl with your tiny insects?

    Who’s gonna feed the tiger cubs?


    Well you fed them, 'cause they needed the food

    And you saved them, 'cause they needed their life

    Well you proved to us, 'cause we wanted to know

    Steve, you entertained us so.


    There he is, crocodile

    Crikey he’s gone so fast


    Who's gonna ride your elephants?

    Who's gonna to bounce with kangaroos?

    Who's gonna cuddle cute koala?

    Who's gonna swim the Barrier Reef?


    The deeper you swim

    The stingray will swim ... towards your aussie skin

    Took a dive in the Barrier Reef...

    To a place where the waves calls your name

    Under the waves the whales singing...

    To you and me...

    Pain to the heart, stringray's sharp barb

    The blood you bleed...

    You just can’t hold…

    It’s a pain in your heart

    Don't stop the beat in your aussie heart

    Don't give up now, pain like a dart

    Don't stop swimming and don't look back

    Come on now Steve... Don't you look back


    Who's gonna love your sea life?

    Who's gonna fly way up high?

    Who's gonna creep in the slient night?

    Who's gonna take the place of you?

    Who's gonna love your wild animals?

    Who could tame the heart of cocs?


    Really beautiful this one, Cara.