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  1. I liked the episode but I didn't agree with the captain's decision. :laugh:

    Quote (Manveru @ Oct 3 2005 5:59 A.M.)


    I honestly cried when Captain Janeway forced Tuvix to be destroyed.


    I didn't aggree with it, I thought it might have been possible to maybe......

    Copy Tuvix and re-create Neelix and Tuvok from him, having 3 beings.


    I was also really suprised with the captains response to him. She was way too angry.

    Very suprising for her

  2. Q-Less was awesome. Sisko didn't take any crap from Q. Q didn't think that Cmdr. Sisko was any fun because Sisko didn't bend to his will. :laugh:

  3. I give the episode Emissary parts 1 & 2 a five out of five. DS9 characters really did develop over the years. Star Trek Deep Space Nine is my favorite out of all Star Trek series. :blow:

    QUOTE(Kor37 @ Sep 23 2007, 05:28 AM)


    It is remarkable how the characters changed during the run of DS9. DS9 had the best character development out of any of the Trek series.

  4. I think there is a cure in the 24th century.


    Picard is one of those men who has never asked for the cure. He is fine the way he is. In fact, I think the bald look makes him look even more sexy than he did before. B)


    This is from one woman's point of view. :dude: B)