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  1. Well DS9 most likely took the new design so that First contact would make sense but I think the reason Voyager didn't use the uniforms after they made contact with the alpha quadrant was so that DS9 and voyager would stand out. Also I made them on my computer.

  2. Actually the reason for the change in uniform was because Generations was supposed to have only the shoulder colour uniforms from DS9 and Voyager, however the uniforms didn't look well on the big screen so the original TNG uniforms were also used in the film as well. For first contact new unifroms had to be designed that looked well on the big screen thus the grey shoulder uniforms.

  3. Well the way the borg assimilate is by sending nanoprobes through the blood stream and the body to create more nanoprobes and other things. Changelings do not have a blood stream, the changelings are liquid so when the nanoprobes enter the changeling the changeling would go liquid and the nanoprobes would leave the body. So a changeling probably can't be assimilated.

  4. I also like prequels, the only problem i have with them is inconsistencies that are created in the universe (for example enterprise was never mentioned before the series). However I do like when prequels take time to explain things further (for example why the klingons had no ridges in the original series).

  5. i was born a little before the series went of the air but the first doctor i saw was the third Doctor John Pertwee, my favourite doctor is the tenth David Tennent even though i've only seen four episodes and the christmas invasion, he's really good anyway the second series is really good the one with sarah jane is briiliant as i've never seen her or K9 before