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  1. puddle jumper from stargate atlantis for two reasons

    A: The puddle jumper is cool, drone weapons, responds to thought, a HUD and a cloaking device

    B: If the puddle jumper exists then so must the stargate because all puddle jumpers have DHDs built in and were designed to be used with the stargate.

  2. the doctor was new technology, he wasn't the prototype but was a prototype the mark 1 EMH where 1st put into newly built starships which voyager was at the time. I haven't seen "Living witness" so I don't know what happened in it, but in one episode didn't Tom and Harry try to make a new Doc, because he was away, so that Tom didn't have to do all the work but it didn't work. Also if they did have a backup EMH wouldn't they have used it as well as the 1st EMH?

  3. I like the joker from The Batman cartoon. He's kinda like the pranky Joker from the 1960's adam west series but with a really dark streak that you see when clayface is created when he tortures that cop.

  4. Thank you I'm glad to have joined the group. I do remember watchin TAS when I was a kid. I remember that I watched it but I can only remember the ending specificlly. I have learned some interesting facts like the fact that early on Vulcans were known as vulcaneons and that Chekov wasn't in the first season. I haven't seen the Klingons yet and I can't wait to see the origin of one of my favourite races. Weird point I am watchin TOS as I type this, it's the one with the spores and spock smacks Kirk around (LOVE THAT EPISODE JUST FOR THAT) and also it's the first episode of TOS I watched.

  5. I have been a trekkie for a long time, pretty much since I was little and Picard's opening monolouge was my first full sentence. I have watched every episode or almost every episode of TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT. But due to the fact my mother hated Bill Shatner the original series was banned from the house. Now that I'm older and it's on TV I have watched all the movies, a most of season 1 and some episodes of season 2 and 3. So I think it's safe to say I LIKE TOS.

  6. and the other voyager's harry died as well, you make a good point. But the fact Picard is alive make's him even more tragic. He has to live on with all the stuff he went through. Trip's life only went down the pooper when he served aboard Enterprise only ten years versus how long was picard in star fleet. Also Kirk spent about 70 years in a plane of existance of pure joy and pleasure. Picard only spent about 20 minutes there.