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  1. That's so cool! I participated in national novel writing month and for that you have to write a 50,000 word novel. it doesn't matter whether it makes sense or not, so i thought it'd be funny to write down my friends' recollections of their day and throw it into a GIGO generator. here's some:


    We studied housing commission flats in Hillside because one man gave us measuring their houses.

    Neither did the normal world of Brighton.

    It's great to be back.

    Tis We greatly pity the people there.

    East Melbourne people there.

    East Melbourne people there.

    East Melbourne people in Hillside because one man gave us a rude gesture as he drove past.


    In legal studies I did nothing because we were given an oral test and Kat was just bored.

    In ELS we were given an oral test and also I did nothing because Mr Hawthorn did nothing because Steph was next to me smiling In German we did German dancing for a To Kill a tirolian song about a boy and I kept saying something that means good job.

    In German we practised giving directions and I'm doing the lighting so I was just bored.

    In Japanese we practised giving directions and I'm doing a dance to me smiling at me smiling at me smiling.

    In legal studies I kept saying something that means good job.

    In Japanese we talked about some issues from Gattaca.

    It was just bored.

    In German we prepared for a To Kill a To Kill a dance


    My plate is brown based and has a fireproof place that has data stored in there.

    In Geography Mr Keys yelled at some people for not filling our field work sheets.

    Kate thinks that geography is green.

    In drama people for not filling our field work sheets.

    Kate thinks that geography is boring.

    Ashi didn't like i My plate is brown based and Ashi didn't like i My plate is brown The person that Sarah is brown.

    The person that is yellow on the plate and a house that geography is green.


    Would you believe i went on like that for 50,000 words? :angry:

  2. the weather's really erratic at the moment, even for melbourne weather. yesterday it was 35 degrees celcius, and today there were thunderstorms and it was freeeeezing. we seem to be getting a disproportionate amount of thunderstorms for summer. earlier this year it snowed. SNOWED! it doesn't snow in melbourne! ever!

  3. Sadly I'll never be able to make it :laugh: seeing as I live ages away and it's not like my parents would let me go anyway. I'll have to wait until I'm a creepy 30 year old :laugh:


    nah earlier in the thread i meant the word "creepy" to mean a, for example, 30 year old wanting to meet up one-on-one with a teenager. not that all 30+ year olds are creepy... that'd just be weird! i don't think my parents are creepy!

  4. hey sorry to bug you all again but i have some questions, with some possible answers:


    1. kerosene can be sprayed into water to kill mosquito larvae which breed in the water. what physical property of kerosene enables it to be used for this purpose?


    - less dense than water and floats on the surface? do mozzies breed on the surface?


    2. why isn't petrol suitable for spraying onto water to kill mosquitoes?


    - more volatile than kerosene?


    3. what physical property of oil makes it suitable for use in car engines?


    - highly viscous?

    - acts as an effective lubricant


    the things we tested in this prac were the density, viscosity, and solubility of petrol, kerosene, and car oil. these are the most random questions, and i just want to check that i'm not being silly :bow:

  5. As I have seen in one of the prior responces to the question: I would need to see the actual graph to tell. a f(x)=sin x (0,0) Now a cos phased either direction of 1/2 Htz would resemble a sin wave. Sin x/1 would give you a scs. That would be a mirror image of the sine function.


    As both looke the same {f(x)=sin x ~ f(x)=cos x +- 1/2} in a graph form, either answer would be acceptible unless the instructor has given other boundries to the equation. If all else fails you, do attempt the proof.


    ta muchly! my teacher hasn't given us the test back.


    i still haven't finished calculus for the year, even though exams are coming up. since we have limited time to cover all the information, my teacher is skimming over it all, which is really bad considering some of the stuff is pretty tricky. like finding the area enclosed by a quadratic/cubic and the x-axis.

  6. If it was y=(sin x) + 1, then it's not a cos graph. Or y= -((sin x) -1) Typically, they look the same. If the inflection doesn't reverse around the x axis, then it's definitely a shifted sine wave. I'd have to see the question to be certain though.


    That sounds right. Or it could be the integral of sin(x)...What level math are you in?


    year 11. what's the curriculum like in the US?


    we do cubics, bit of quadratics, diff and antidiff, logs and expo, unit circle and other trig, and that's about it


    B) It's Satan tempting you Cassidy!





    thankfully it hasn't talked again. i'm still kinda scared though. my computer's right next to my bed, so what happens if it talks at night???? B)




    I recommend you do one of the following:


    1. Say, "Talk talk talk. That's all you wanna do. What's a girl gotta do to get some ACTION from you?"


    2. Tape record what it says and save the tape to use as blackmail evidence later on.


    3. Squeeze and hold it closer. That usually get most talkers to stop.


    4. Just remind yourself that at least it doesn't snore.


    5. Be an attentive listener. Obviously, your computer has issues that it needs to get off it's CPU. Be supportive, and it won't forget your kindness.


    6. Turn on your TV so it can at least have some company.


    7. Flash it. It'll be too awestruck to speak afterwards.


    8. Dump that zero and get you a hero! *snap snap*



    Seriously though, was it a pop-up ad that included audio, or did you go to a website that interjects audio? It could just be something as innocent as that.



    lmao! B) i *might* have found the problem - i updated my spyware program and rescanned the computer and it found something. not sure exactly what though because my dad came in and turned it off while i was out B) s'pose i'll never know.


    i was only checking my email and i had going in the background at the time.

  8. it was sooo freaky last night - i was sitting there checking my emails and my computer said to me "do it". then over the space of about 15 minutes it did it again twice. i ran out of my room and got my brother to turn off the computer B) could it be a trojan? i'm running trojan hunter right now.

  9. sounds like there's definitely something wrong with your computer! mine's acting up a little too... the handwriting function is MSN won't work for me, even though it worked a week or so ago. it wants me to install some program, and when i did, it still wouldn't work B)


    as for what's wrong, sorry i can't help you. my instincts are that it's spyware - what else would disable your anti virus software?

  10. another question..... what does the structural formula of


    H (2) O (2) look like?


    it all comes down to protocols basically, and i'm not 100% sure what it is. is it all in one line, or is it snake-like, etc?


    our teacher should explain these things before giving us a massive homework task! there are like 50 billion electron dot diagrams and structural formulas we have to complete.