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  1. Enjoying The Orville.  Definitely has a lot of parallels with Star Trek.  Seth himself is a bit of a Trekkie, I believe, and had a cameo in an episode of Enterprise, so I'm not surprised he'd be doing this.  They've definitely toned down the comedy aspect of it, and made it more of a sci-fi show in its own right.  Sad to see Alara leave though.  I liked her character, but at least the science behind her condition was quite sound.

  2. No poll yet, but I'll give it a 4. It was very entertaining. From a visual angle, the effects were great, but I really wish they'd lay off the disorienting series of camera shots during action scenes involving chase and/or retreat. It's not suspenseful just because the audience no longer has any clue which direction is up. You're just doing it so you can stay one step ahead of them with an unfair advantage.


    Now onto the two spoilers I have.


    First off, the use of the Beastie Boys was just completely schlock. I love the Beastie Boys and "Sabotage" and the idea of jamming the alien communications array, but the setup that Kirk gave for it, and ESPECIALLY how synced up it was that the station would carry and broadcast the signal right at the exact moment the enemy starcraft approached the wall, only to be blasted by the "YEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!"... that is poor screenwriting, and absolutely unacceptable Star Trek writing. My other big complaint is how much was borrowed from the older Star Trek movies. Not used, as in included an element of to pay homage to, but borrowed as in using plot devices from other movies to make their story run. I saw elements from The Voyage Home and Insurrection, and who knows what else was in there.


    A friend on another forum said that since this was directed by the director from the Fast And The Furious, one could expect that this would be "Star Trek dumbed down IN YO FACE to the max!" That's pretty accurate, I'd say. But it was still a lot of fun. Still a 4 for entertainment purposes. As far as quality and especially given what Star Trek was supposed to be about, I'd say it's more of a strong 2 or weak 3.

  3. Sorry Lynx, cannot agree about Kes... she just irritated me soooo much. The only time I liked her was when she came back later in the series for one episode and was the villainess. Unfortunately, she was also the heroine, but at least we finally got more dimension from her character. But I do agree the break-up with Neelix was poorly handled. That she broke up when she had an alien possessing her at the time left the sincerity and necessity of the break-up rather dubious.


    I suppose it is a tad unfair to liken her too much to Wesley Crusher... Wesley was the embodiment of Roddenberry's monumental ego, right down to the character's first name stemming from his middle name. However, both Wes and Kes were fairly young (again, teenager/young adult by Ocampan standards) with extreme potential, constantly saving the day, could pretty much never do any wrong, and left the series to further their potential/destinies. There are some pretty striking similarities. Kes' "pure soul" character was extremely off-putting.


    I didn't hate Voyager. I liked many of the episodes. But it is still, imo, the second weakest of the franchise series.

  4. Honestly, I didn't really like Kes or Neelix. Kes was a rehashing of Wesley Crusher, only more annoying. Wesley at least had a mischievous side that came out once in awhile. Kes was just all pure soul, never could do any wrong, and it just got so incredibly annoying, that I was glad she left.


    Neelix was a teddy bear with a commission. Plain and simple. He was more tolerable though because they gave him a niche on the ship. They tried to make Kes work as a sick bay nurse, but they always kept having her save the day that it just belied her character. And the Kes-Neelix relationship was horrible. I kept thinking about the original notion put forth in the pilot that Ocampans were very short lived. Neelix, being a scavenger, had been around for a long time... in essence, Neelix was a cradle-robber, bordering on pedophile. He's a creepy old dude dating a vulnerable, really young woman. Even by Ocampan standards, she was still a teenager, or college girl.


    I didn't really notice what AE mentioned, but thinking about it, I do remember that I pretty much wound up not liking any of the other worlds that Voyager encountered. Seriously, the Federation just sucks at making friends in the Delta Quadrant, but I don't feel it's really Voyager's fault either.


    I really wish there had been more Chakotay episodes. I liked his character, but given how much Beltran apparently hated Star Trek, I guess it makes sense that they didn't.