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    You scored as Federation.




    You Are The Federation, You prefer to be alone and learn. You enjoy helping people and know how to talk things up. You would help people into the spotlight before yourself

































  2. At the london MCM Expo yesterday i actually met Jeffrey Combs and got his autograph biggrin.gif , I thought he was very pleasant and very approachable.


    It was the first time I have met a trek actor and got their autograph, I am so happy. I told him I thought it was great he was on the enterprise finale and he said he really enjoyed being on it.

  3. From Independent Online


    The new programme will be called Torchwood (an anagram of Doctor Who) and will follow a crack team investigating alien activities and crime in modern-day Britain.


    It will feature in its starring role John Barrowman, who played Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and who will play the same character in Torchwood.


    also info in the


    BBC Press Release



    Sounds intresting, Captain Jack is a good charater and i will definetley be wathcing this.

  4. I just got back from seeing Serenity and I thought it rocked.


    I thought the story was great, I was glad we got

    Click For Spoiler
    to find out where the reavers Originated from and why they are the way they are.


    The cast's acting was first class (Chiwetel Ejiofor was superb as The Operative) and river kicked *buttocks*, I also thought the special effects were excellent (what a space battle :( :) ).


    Click For Spoiler


    I was really sad when Shepherd Book and Wash Died, I heard that someone was going to die but I didn't think they would kill off two main characters.


    Overall it was an excellent movie and I plan on seeing it again.

  5. I have now seen every episode of Firefly and i am thinking, what were they thinking when they canceled it.


    I really like it because it is different to other sci fi shows, I like the western in space theme, the ship may not be an advanced ship but it is cool looking.


    The characters are excellent (i think Kaylee the mechanic is cute) and the acting is very good, the story's were entertaining , especially the ongoing story with Simon Tam helping his sister River with her problems)


    I also love the theme tune, can't seem to get it out of my head



    All in all a great series, should never of had been cancelled and I plan to go and see Serenity when it is released over here.