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  1. I think it was promoted well enough.


    No blame on the actors. They just didn't have good characters to work with.


    Much blame on the writers and Berman and Braga. They are in charge of the creative side and it was very weak, so they bear the responsibility.


    The rest of the blame goes to Paramount for not hiring creative writers, for keeping things stale in Star Trek, for throwing money at failed movies, for alienating the past creative geniuses who left the franchise after DS9 ended, for oversaturating the viewer with Trek, for not being bold and creative, for allowing the franchise to be dumbed down and removed from the intelligence it used to have.


    Unless things change at Paramount for the better, I don't want Star Trek to come back, because if it does and the problems are not dealt with, then say goodbye to Star Trek forever.


    First thing that needs to be done? Fire Berman and Braga immediately and rest the franchise for five years. Let the hunger build, get the ideas and writers together, build the new creative foundations, then refresh the concepts and how they are presented and structured.




    Great. What area they doing to us trekies. There like killing us.