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  1. I have sympathy for you.


    I live in Illinois too, and yesterday was the coldest, most brutal day so far this winter! ;)


    Just walking from the building in which I work out to my car was so brutal. When I got home I took a shower and my hands and face tingled from being cold. :laugh:



    I always tip $5 or more, and since I order pizza weekly from the same place, I am actually on a first name basis with some of the drivers. They know me and get the food to my house fast and hot, and then I give them a bigger tip!! :unsure:


    They've got me pegged. :o :laugh:

  2. I read a good article on his new album.


    He knows how his singing is considered a joke and seems to take it all instride.


    He's enjoying life, and although I personally won't listen to it, good for him for being able to laugh at himself and enjoy the creative process.

  3. I honestly don't remember which button I pushed!


    But I think I might like to see when Dr. Soong gets out of prison, and how he conveys his love of cybernetics to his son. However, I do not need to see him regularly. I would like to see him repeat as a guest.




    I'd have to agree with that myself.


    IMO, the reoccuring characters are more interesting and amusing the regulars.