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  1. Yeah but if you think Space is infinite and Picard did not have many ships at all thy could have got through if they went around it and also Sela was never as good as Tomalok for a baddie. Whatever happened to him?

  2. My real first and middle name is Robert Baden named after Robert Baden Powell and my uncle (Baden Powell was not my uncle incase of confusion but my uncle was names after him as well.)


    As I am a Actor I also created a stage name since my name i hated reading on scripts so in the theatre i go by the name Bob Baden.


    I normally get called




    Bobby (Anyone calls me that has to be a fast runner)

    Harry Potter (What can I say Daniel Radcliff has the honour of looking like me when he is Potter.)

    Joe Pasqualie (I still don't know how I can look like Harry Potter and Pasqualie but this one I have only been called once)

  3. i didnt need a Ipod but I won one in a compietition at work and I find it to be one of the best kind of walkman I ever had even better than a normal mp3 player.

  4. a lot of the flip phones look similar to the communicator I actually had a black flip phone that I used to be able to flip open like they do on TOS.


    Also earlier in this thread someone mentioned they wanted a TBG message like a incoming message. For my text messages I have worf saying Captain incoming message which i downloaded from Limewire. for my ring tone I have a custom made ringtone featuring the voices of most of the cast over the tng film

  5. I never saw much of Season 7 but i think Ziyals death was pointless. Fair enough it pushed Dukat over the edge and made him nuts But there was other ways to do that as well. One death I thought was really pointless was killing Jadzia off. Ezri should never have taken her place. I think we should get a spin off maybe a Section 31 show so we can see how different they are to the federation we actually know.