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  2. Are you curious about Starfleet Academy and the lives of cadets there? Would you like to write it? If you can answer one or more of those questions yes, then you are definitely in the right place!


    I am starting development on a new Star Trek fan fiction series I have come up with the concept for. I have main characters and a few supporting ones worked one, and have begun work on the pilot, which I believe is going to be a two-parter. Anyway, this new series takes place at Starfleet Academy and follows the academy career of six cadets. It will be about the cadets’ adventures at the academy, and the road to becoming Starfleet officers. Thus, the title.


    I think this will be a lot of fun. It will be interesting to see more detailed plots involving the academy.


    I don’t know when it will launch yet. It depends on how

    fast I can get other writers on board to help and how fast we get things moving, but as early as this is in development, (I just came up with the idea Saturday), it probably will not be until summer or fall 2006. It will probably run four seasons, until the cadets graduate, but if we want to, or if there is enough interest, we could keep it going and follow them after they graduate. I will have a web site set up to discuss development shortly.


    If you would like to help, please let me know. It will be primarily script based, but I need both good script writers and prose writers, because I am planning to have some people re-write the episodes in prose form later and release them that way as well, later. I know that sounds weird, but there is a method to my madness, I promise, lol. :huh:


    To contact me, just PM me here or e-mail me at


    Please let me know ASAP if you would like to write for this series! I need all the help I can get! Thanks!



    P.S.-I modified this.

  3. In case you didn't know, Wesley quit Starfleet academy and went off with the Traveler (remember him?) in the seventh season of TNG. The powers he has are the powers of a Traveler. He is one now. For further reference read "A Time to be Born" and "A Time to Die". They explain all that.


    I will get the next chapter up as soon as possible, but I do noy have my own computer right now, sorry!

  4. Sea trooper, you'll have to read on to find out about Morgan. And ChiFire, the story is in the Smallville section of, and my pen name is Star Trek Freak. You can read my ST:TNG stories in the Star Trek: The Next Generation part of the site, too, if you like my writing. Thanks so much!


    This next chapter takes place a few days after the books "A Tiem To Be Born" and "A Time To Die". I know the Enterprise actually went somewher else after that, but this is fanfic, I don't care, lol. P.S.-you don't have to have read the books. You'll get an explanation in the chapter.



    Chapter 2


    Three Years Later



    Captain Picard studied the strange green and red cloud that occupied most of the viewscreen, which the Enterprise had been ordered to explore.

    "Lieutenant, what is that cloud composed of?" Picard asked as the ship neared the anomaly, directing his question to Vale at the tactical station. The woman looked back down at her console for a moment, then looked up and frowned.

    "Well sir, we know that this cloud is the remains of Krypton, a planet that was destroyed more than three centuries ago, but the material is not one that the ship's computer is familiar with."

    "Mmm, curious…" Picard said. "It couldn't hurt the ship, could it?"

    "I don't believe so, sir, but I do suggest that we proceed with caution," Vale said.

    "All right then. Helm, move in closer, one-fourth impulse. I want to get a better look."

    "Aye sir."


    Down on one of the ship's observation decks, Morgan, Faith, and Kaitlyn stood near the windows, observing the peculiar cloud outside. It was late afternoon, they were off duty, and they had all been curious and decided to come here. Lieutenant Commander Data was also there watching it, but unlike the girls, the curious android had a tricorder with him. He had been there when they had arrived, and they had all exchanged hellos, but after that they hadn't spoken much. All were content just to stare out the window, fascinated by the display provided.

    The cloud was mostly green, with patches of red here and there, which was odd. As the ship moved closer, shards of what appeared to be either some kind of green and red rock or gem could be spotted floating lazily about in the vacuum of space within it.

    Finally one of them spoke up.

    "Wow," Kaitlyn said. "It's, um…it's really pretty, but it's just…weird. I don't know how to explain it."

    "No, what was weird was when we and hundreds of other young people from our century were brought here, trained, and made temporary Starfleet officers because Starfleet needed more people when they were in the war. This is nothing compared to that," Faith said back.

    "I'd have to agree with Faith," Morgan smiled.

    "Okay, I guess you're right," Kaitlyn laughed.

    She thought back to the time that Faith had referred to. It had been a difficult transition, leaving Metropolis and getting used to a whole new century. But the Enterprise senior officers had been friendly and helpful, and even despite the girls' low rank of ensign, they were still their closet friends on board.

    Yes, the war was over, and after it had concluded, most of those brought from the twenty-first century had gone back to their old homes, but a few had chosen to stay in the future. They had all been allowed to decide for themselves whether they wanted to make the twenty-fourth century their permanent home or not. Of the people from the past who had been on the Enterprise during the war, Kaitlyn, Faith, and Morgan were the only ones left. Now that things in the Federation had settled down somewhat, Starfleet Command had informed them that if they wanted to remain in Starfleet they would have to go through the academy, but so far they had not followed up on that. Not to mention that certain circumstances had prevented them from doing that just yet.

    Kailtyn felt both like shivering and smiling when she though of the events that had unfolded in the past few weeks, involving the Rashanar site. Something disastrous had taken place, and Captain Picard had been accused of something he hadn't done. He had been court-martialed by the end of it, and the Enterprsie had had to embark on a top-secret, off the record mission to prove his innocence. They had done that, and neutralized the threat in the Rashanar site, but they would not have even been able to do that if it hadn't been for help that they had received from a long lost friend of the senior officers of the Enterprise-Wesley Crusher.

    The young man, now a Traveler, had returned to help. Actually, back in the twenty-first century, among the Star Trek books she had read, there had been one that had chronicled the events of the Rashanar mission. Morgan had read it as well. The two of them had known what was going to happen, as they had occasionally over the time they had been here. They had known that Wesley was going to show up, and they had known exactly who "Ensign Brewster" was when Wesley had, at first arriving, using his powers as a Traveler, disguised himself. For the most part neither of them had said anything to anyone else, because when they had been brought to this century they had promised that they would never tell anything they knew, because Starfleet had known they would know things like that. Kaitlyn however, had not kept her mouth shut completely.

    It had probably been foolish, but when she had gotten a chance she had let "Ensign Brewster" know that she was aware of who he really was. This, of course, had aroused Wesley's suspicions, and he had demanded that she tell him how she knew. She had, and he'd understood; though she had had to promise several times that she would not reveal his identity to get him to calm down.

    Over the rest of Wesley's under-cover stay on the Enterprise, and after he had chosen to reveal himself, the two of them had developed something of a friendship. Though Kaitlyn was sure that, at first, the only reason he even talked to her was because he didn't want her to tell anyone who he was. Actually, at the beginning, Kaitlyn had been almost positive that he despised her and thought her a pest. Thankfully though, that had worn off, and he had seemed to come to think of her as a good friend. Eventually Kaitlyn had even found herself discretely telling him things from the book she had read, warning him of things.

    But that was not all she had found herself doing. Despite all her efforts to deny her feelings, Kaitlyn had found herself falling in love with him. But she couldn't have him. Not only was she a Christian and he obviously wasn't, but Wesley was in love with another woman. That woman, Colleen Cabot, had lost her life during the Rashanar mission, even though Kaitlyn had warned Wesley that it was going to take place. Poor Wes had taken it extremely hard, and after that Kaitlyn had felt guilty about her feelings and tucked them away even further.

    And then Wesley had left. The mission had been over, the ship and his friends safe, and he had disappeared, without saying goodbye to anyone except to his mother. That had been a week ago.

    Now as Kaitlyn thought back to the weeks he had been there, she felt a single tear slip down her cheek. Quickly she wiped it away. She wished she'd never had feelings for him, that he had just been one more person she had encountered in her life, but she had, and still did. She could only hope that one day he would return again.

    At that moment the door slid open, pulling Kaitlyn out of her reverie. Lwaxana Troi, (on board for some reason or another, the details of which none of them knew) strolled into the large room, Commander Riker and Counselor Troi trailing behind.

    "Mother, why did you want us to come here?" Deanna asked, the slightly exasperated tone she nearly always had with Lwaxana just detectable.

    "I wanted to take a good look at this, dear. You really should enjoy it, Little One. It's an absolutely beautiful sight," Mrs.Troi said lightly. With that, the Betazoid woman walked up to the windows, and Will and Deanna glanced at each other. Riker rolled his eyes almost imperceptibly.

    "Hey, Deanna," Kaitlyn said in greeting.

    "Oh, hello, Kaitlyn," Deanna said, now smiling. "Hello Morgan, Faith."

    "Hi," Faith and Morgan said, echoing each other.

    "How are you?" Riker asked. Then he noticed the android near them. "And what about you, Data?"

    Data looked up from his readings. "I am doing, well, commander. Thank you," he said politely, drawing a few giggles from some.

    "We're good," Morgan piped up.

    "Great!" Faith said.

    "Yeah," Kaitlyn agreed, unable to think of anything else to say.

    "I'm glad to hear that," a new voice from the far side of the room said.

    All occupants of the observation deck turned in surprise to see Wesley Crusher standing there as if he'd been standing there all along.

    "Wesley?" Riker said in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

    "I never said goodbye to the rest of you a few days ago," the young Traveler answered.

    "It's good to see you," Deanna smiled.

    "I am pleased that you are here as well," Data said.

    "It's good to see you too, Data, Commander Riker, Deanna," Wesley said, grinning.

    Kaitlyn, who had stood stock still, stunned, for several seconds, finally broke into a huge smile.

    "Well thank goodness," she said, feigning annoyance. "I-uh-I mean, um, we were beginning to worry about you."

    Wesley looked in the direction of the three girls that he knew to be from the twenty-first century. "Sorry," he laughed. "I didn't really mean to leave so quickly, but…whatever. Anyway, how have you been?"

    Kaitlyn was about to answer when Lwaxana stepped away from the windows and toward Wesley.

    "Oh! Um…hello Mrs. Troi," Wesley said in surprise.

    "Hello, Mr. Crusher," she said. She looked at her daughter with an inquiring glance. "That is him, isn't it?"

    "Yes, mother."

    Lwaxana looked back to Wesley. "Then how did he get in here like that? The Wesley Crusher I remember couldn't pop in and out like that Q friend of Jean-Luc's. But it seems like he did."

    "It's a long story. Mrs. Troi…" Wesley began.

    "Which you can hear later," Deanna cut in quickly. "Mother, Wesley came here to see his friends, not to explain every detail of his life to you."

    "Oh nonsense. He has time. Besides, I have a feeling this is going to be interesting," Lwaxana insisted. "Now, Mr. Crusher, if you would be so kind…"

    Wesley sighed internally. Deanna did the same, while giving Wesley an apologetic look. Wesley shrugged back as he began to tell Mrs. Troi about his becoming a Traveler, and the rest of those in the room exchanged amused looks.


    On the bridge, Captain Picard gave the order to enter the cloud itself, and the Enterprise glided forward slowly and gracefully.


    "That's fascinating," Lwaxana said as Wesley concluded his story. "But-" suddenly she stopped, and glanced over at the windows. "What is that?"

    Wesley turned, as did everyone else, to see that something strange was beginning to happen with one of the windows. The various conversational groups ceased to talk, and the room fell silent. All turned toward the view of stars.

    The window suddenly began to ripple, and then distort. After a moment what seemed to be something of a vortex formed in it. An image took shape. Finally it stopped changing and only sat there, rippling slightly, as if it were water. In the middle of the vortex that now took up one entire window there was now a perfect picture of a small farm.

    "What in the world?" Kaitlyn breathed.

    "This doesn't look good," Will Riker said, reaching up to tap his comm badge "Riker to-Whoa!"

    Before he could even finish the call, all eight people in the room were abruptly sucked into the vortex image that had formed, and disappeared without a trace.


    "The cloud seems to be doing something to the hull," Vale said from her tactical station. A second later she cried in alarm. "Captain, we have a hull breach!"

    "Full reverse! And get those emergency containment shields up! What's wrong with them?"

    "Unknown sir, they simply didn't activate, and I'm not reading a malfunction," Vale said as the ship backed away immediately from the cloud. Then she frowned. "Sir, the breach is gone. It's as if it never happened."


    On the observation deck, the bizarre anomaly vanished, to be replaced by the clear window that had been there before, but the eight people who had been in the room remained gone.


    The eight shouted in surprise as they were pulled through, but just as quickly as it had happened it was over, and they found themselves standing in the middle of a cornfield…

  5. Chapter 1


    The girls gaped for another moment or so, until finally one of them moved. Morgan leaned over and quickly switched off the TV just as the commercials were ending.

    "Um…okay, what's going on?" she asked hesitantly.

    "This is a joke, isn't it?" Faith gulped.

    "I can assure you that this is most definitely not a joke," Picard said.

    Kaitlyn gestured vaguely toward the television. "Then you…you're really…b-but you can't be Jean-Luc Picard!" she said in disbelief.

    For a brief moment the captain looked surprised that she knew his name, but shortly that passed and he took a step forward. He half expected the frightened girls to take a step back when he did, but they didn't.

    "But I am," he said. "Listen, I know this must come as a shock to you, but…everything you see, everything you read, everything you know about this…this 'Star Trek', is real. Or it will be. At least I believe so. I'm sure I don't know as much about it as you do."

    "How can you not know as much about it as we do?" Kaitlyn asked skeptically, frowning. "If you are who you say you are, then you're living it."

    "Yes," Picard said. "I know that, but this television show of yours is not common knowledge in my century. In the mid twenty-first century when it was realized that things were starting to be as it was said in the show, when it was also realized that it might continue that way, knowledge of the show was cut off from the public. By the turn of the century only select few knew it had even existed. I did not even know until recently, just before the Enterprise sent on this mission."

    "And what is your mission? What are you doing here?" Morgan asked.

    "From your uniform I'd say you're from the Dominion War era," Kaitlyn added helpfully. "Why would Starfleet be interested in the past while in the middle of a war?"

    Again the captain looked surprised; this time much more so. After a moment he spoke.

    "Actually, that is what I am here to talk to you about," Picard said. "Yes, the Federation is now at war with the Dominion. We are running extremely low on resources and personnel. That's where you come in. We've had to act on a last resort. And that is: finding people who are willing to help the Federation fight this war…though somewhere else."

    "Whoa whoa whoa, rewind and freeze for a sec," Faith said. "Are you trying to tell us that you want to take us back to the 24th century?"

    "Only if you want to go."

    "But how could we help?" Morgan asked curiously. "We know nothing about technology in the 24th century, and we'd never be able to learn fast enough to be of any use. We'd have three and a half centuries of catching up to do!"

    "So? We could do it. They wouldn't have to teach us 'everything', " Kaitlyn said. She looked to Picard for help. "Right?"

    The captain nodded. "That's right. And also there will be others, hopefully, that will come as well. If we can gather a sufficient number of individuals, the extra personnel would certainly help Starfleet greatly. You would begin training once you arrived, and begin duty shortly after, once you knew enough. And even then, you would continue to learn while at the same time taking shifts." He paused, "It's not a perfect solution, but the Federation is quickly running out of options."

    "But aren't you breaking the Prime Directive by being here and talking to us?" Kaitlyn said.

    Picard looked uncomfortable. "Yes…but as I said, it could not be helped."

    The three college girls looked at each other.

    "You needn't decide right now. We'll be here for a week or more. You can let us know in a few days," Picard added.

    They were silent for a few more seconds, until finally Kaitlyn spoke again.

    "No…" she began, speaking slowly. "I don't think I need a few days. I know what I want to do." She took a step forward and took a deep breath. "I'll go."

    Faith stepped up as well, "Me too."

    Only Morgan hung back, unsure, still thinking. If they went, they might never come back. They could be killed. But then again, they would get a chance to do something no one else in their time had done before. Besides, she thought with a smile, she'd always wanted to know what it was like in the world of Star Trek. Now she could find out, and it would be real. Not to mention that the computer on board the Enterprise had who-knew-how-much info, and on the past from its point of view, too. If she searched it hard enough, she might even discover what was going on in Smallville. It might be able to tell her why all those weird things happened there. And, of course, going was the right thing to do if the Federation needed help.

    Grinning, Morgan finally joined her friends.

    "Count me in," she said with confidence.

    Captain Picard smiled and moved closer to them, tapping his combadge. "Well then, we'd better be on our way. We can come back to gather your things in a few hours, once you've been briefed."

    "Picard to transporter room; four to beam up." He paused briefly and said, "Energize."

    And then transporter beams swept the four away, taking the three college girls to a place they had never before even dared to hope exsisted.

  6. Well, you said you'd read it, so I'm posting it! I hope you enjoy this!



    "Where We Don't Belong"





    Seven-year-old Morgan looked out the window of her family's SUV at their house in Smallville, Kansas, which they were about to leave for good.

    Her dad turned around in the driver's seat to look at her. "I'm sorry we had to move on your birthday, sweetheart," he said sympathetically.

    "It's okay, daddy," the little girl said, giving her parents a smile. "I'll make new friends in Metropolis. And we can come back and visit, can't we?"

    "Of course," her mother said. With that, the vehicle pulled out of the driveway, and headed toward their new home. But not five minutes down the road, everything fell apart.

    "Daddy, what's that?" Morgan asked, pointing toward the sky through the window.

    "What is what, Morgan?" her dad asked, glancing up out the windshield. Her mom did the same.

    "Sam!" she cried suddenly.

    "Oh my-!" Morgan's dad said. He swerved off the road just as a huge…something, landed in the middle of the road with a deafening crash, flinging debris everywhere. The SUV stopped when it ran into the ditch, and thankfully no one was hurt and the vehicle wasn't seriously damaged.

    "Stay in the car, Angie!" Sam said as he jumped out. He looked up, shading his eyes against the sun, and then realized what the large object had been. It was a meteor. As he stared in horror, hundreds more were falling all over Smallville. He jumped back into the vehicle with his family.

    "What's going on?!" Angie said frantically, eyes wide.

    "I don't know," Sam said.

    Morgan, in the back seat, stared up and out the window next to her as the meteors fell and chaos broke out all around them, shivering in fear. But finally, as suddenly as it had started, it was all over.


    Kaitlyn looked out the window of her dad's office in the skyscraper in Metropolis that same day. She didn't have school today so he had brought her here with him, since he had some extra work to be done. The view from his high window had always fascinated her. She could see for miles, and could even make out Smallville from up here. It was always the same when her dad brought her here. She would look out the windows for a while, then read or play or say hello to her friends. She knew most of her father's co-workers, and even though she was only six she had many friends among them.

    But today was not to be the same. Before her eyes, what seemed from a distance to be small rocks or something began to fall from the sky, bombarding Smallville.

    "Daddy!" Kaitlyn cried. The man looked up from his desk.

    "What in the world?!" he gasped.


    Later that day, Faith sat on the couch in her home in the suburbs of Metropolis; playing with her dolls as her mom watched TV. Her father was still at work. Her mom switched to the news channel, and immediately sat up straighter in her chair. She listened to the report from Smallville for a moment, and then gasped.

    "Omigosh!" she yelped.

    "What is it, mommy?" Faith asked.

    "Huh? Oh, um…. Well, honey," she said, trying to decide how to explain it to her young daughter. "A…bunch of…rocks…. fell in Smallville."

    "Big rocks?" Faith asked.

    "Well, yes, I'm sure they were pretty big…." The woman said nervously, glancing back at the TV screen, where they were now showing footage of the catastrophe. "I hope no one was hurt…" she added quietly.


    Twelve Years Later


    Morgan dropped onto the couch in the living room of the apartment she shared with her two best friends, Kaitlyn and Faith. The place was a decent accommodation in the suburbs of Metropolis, and was conveniently near their college. The three girls were renting it together while they went to school. Morgan was a sophomore while her friends were freshmen.

    It had been another hectic day, and Morgan sighed as she picked up the remote from the coffee table and clicked the TV on. It was tuned to the evening news, and as soon as the picture appeared and she heard the current story, she frowned and called to her friends.

    "Hey guys!" she called. "Come in here, there's something interesting on the news!"

    Faith and Kaitlyn hurried in from the kitchen where they had still been eating.

    "What is it?" Kaitlyn asked, leaning over the back of the couch.

    "Just look," Morgan said, pointing to the screen. "Something else weird happened in Smallville."

    "Oh good grief," Faith said. "What hasn't happened there?"

    "I'm sure there's plenty that hasn't," Kaitlyn said in mild annoyance. "Now come on, Morgan, change the channel already. Star Trek has probably already started."

    "All right, all right," Morgan replied. Then she changed the channel to what they always watched on weekday nights, and the familiar sound of the theme music for Star Trek: The Next Generation wafted into the room. "Oh darn, we missed the first part," she pouted.

    "It doesn't matter. We've seen just about every episode," Faith said.

    But then, as the commercials came on, a strange, yet somehow familiar sound resonated in the back of the room and all three girls jumped in surprise, whirling around to face the direction it was coming from. A column of sparkling light appeared, and soon a form took shape, solidifying into a person. The mouths of all three girls dropped open when they saw what, or, more precisely, whom, was standing in their living room. The sight was surreal, but they couldn't deny what they were seeing.

    It was Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise-E.

    At least, that's whom he looked like.

    "Good evening, ladies," the captain said. "I'm sorry; I didn’t mean to frighten you."

  7. Okay, I am currently writing a Star Trek: TNG/ Smallville fanfic, and I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in reading it. Please let me know. If enough people are interested, then I'll start posting it soon. Thanks!

  8. As soon as Wesley materialized, he collapsed again, gasping.

    "Wes!" O'Brien said, coming around his transporter console and moving toward the boy on the platform. Wesley was on his back on the platform, awkwardly trying to get up, but failing. Pain was obvious on his face, and a first he only moaned in response.

    Miles bent down and gently helped him sit up. "Wesley, are you all right?" he asked in concern.

    "Yeah," Wes gasped. Then O'Brien noticed the boy's hands tied behind his back, and stooped to untie them.

    "There," he said, but then frowned. "Wesley, are you sure you're okay?"

    Wesley gulped. "I'll be fine. Thanks, Chief." Then he looked at him. "Could you help me stand up?" he asked hesitantly.

    "I really don't think that's a good idea, Wes," Miles said.

    "Please," he begged. "I just..I mean.."

    "All right," O'brien sighed, holding up a hand. "I guess you don't have to explain yourself. I'll help you."

    "Thanks," Wesley said quietly. O'Brien had been a teenager once. More than likely he knew what Wes meant. He didn't stil want to be on the floor and looking helpless when his mother got there, which he had no doubt she arive as soon as she could.

  9. Yeah, I know it's been, like, two months since I posted on this thing, and I'm sorry. Anyway, I'll try to finish posting it for you guys today, if haven't already forgotton everything that's already happened.....



    "Return fire. Target their shields. Take them out so we can get Mr.Crusher out of there," Picard said, taking the chance to give that order now that the pirate ship had fired on 'them' first.

    "Aye sir," Worf replied redily. His hands flew across his board, and the "Enterprise's" phasers lashed out at the pirate ship.


    A few moments after being tossed back into the brig, Wesley opened his eyes and sighed inwardly. It would have hurt too much to do it outwardly. His jaw clenched against the pain, he sat up slowly. The boy took a couple of breaths, and then forced himself to his feet.

    He almost passed out from the agony.

    But Wesley made himself stay upright. "I've got to do this," he thought. But then, a transporter beam surrounded him, and his spirits lifted as he realized that finally, the "Enterprise" had been able to beam him back.


    The pirate ship fired on the "Enterprise" again, but within seconds her meager sheilds were down.

    "Chief O'Brien, beam Mr.Crusher out, now!" Picard said over the intraship. Then he turned to Commander Riker. "Number one, as soon as Wesley is aboard, get the ship out of here. Dr.Crusher and I are going to the transporter room."

    With that, Beverly hurried to the turbolift, Picard close behind her.

  10. Um..well, I didn't exactly know what you guys were talking about, so I put other. See, I was a member at before I discovered this site, and then pretty much stopped going there because things here were jut so much more interesting and friendly, though I do see what's going on there from time to time. Does that qualify as a refugee? :bow:

  11. "I can do this," he told himself silently. Slowly he inched his way across the floor until he was next to the bench. He lifted his arms, which were still cuffed behind his back, until they hooked on the edge of the bench. Taking a deep breath, he steeled himself and pulled himself up. His face distorted in pain, and one short scream escaped, but he successfully pulled his body up onto the bench. Then he collapsed onto it, lying on his back breathing deeply his jaw clench against the overwhelming pain.

    "I'll get up in a minute to look around. It's now or never: if they do that to me again..after that I won't be able to move...."

  12. Yes, I agree that Picard would not talk no matter how much they put Wes through, or how much it hurt to watch them torture him. I also agree with what you said about Wesley, and I think that Wesley would do his best to endure the pain until either they were rescued or they found a way to escape, because you're right, Wes knows his duty to Starfleet.

  13. I was thinking yesterday because I was bored, and I came up with this question. I know it's a weird one, and you're probably going to think-Where did she come up with that?! But I am just curious, so I thought I'd ask you guys. What would Picard do in this situation?


    Here's the scenario, even though it's not complete. Okay, so say maybe some villans-the Romulans or somebody-captures Picard and Wesley. They really weren't trying to get Wesley though-he just happened to be in the same place as Picard, so they took him too. Then they decide that its a good thing they ended up with Wesley too, cause they think that if they torture Wesley-beat him up, use some type of device that causes extreme pain or something-, then it'll be easier to get the information they want out of Picard. So they do, with Picard present, and force Picard to watch them do it.



    My question, what I'm curious about, is how do you think that Picard would react to that? How do you think Wesley would react? Like I said, a weird question, but the thought struck, so I'm asking, lol. Anyway, please reply. You can give your opinion or even write a few paragraphs of a story that doesn't exsist, about what you think would happen, or whatever. Anyway, I was just curious.