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  1. I haven't been posting for a very long time. Didn't feel the need after Nemesis since there wasn't any new movie or series to watch. I didn't think there'd be any good topics to check on... until today. I just watched it last night and I'd like to give it a 5.


    I like it. I really do. Despite the fact that lives were lost, planets destroyed and characters changed, I look forward to xi and even at least 2 new series. I hope they'll do a new series based on xi soon (real soon) and at the same time come up with a new series that takes off from where Nemesis left off. With 2 different timelines, there's just so many more possibilities.


    By the way, I like this new Chekov. I thought the acting was well done. And I love the classic uhura-uniform.

  2. The one episode with Neelix in it that I didn't like was phage. It wasn't that I didn't like Neelix but the episode just gives me the creeps. I mean... putting yourself in his shoes at the time... that's just really emotionally disturbing. But you got to love Neelix' kitchen in The Cloud.