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  1. HB had left the room for a drink. Yeay! I love hotal hotal rooms, especially these big ones. :P The bed are really cool. Boing Boing Boing...bouncy too. Better get comfy, it might be awhile 'til I go to bed. I decided to take a stroll, maybe find a kitchen or a vending machine. As I hit the second floor staircase, I hear music. Wow, HB found a music system. I could go for a little music. I turned the final corner and found myself in the Lounge, and there was HB playing at the piano. "Dude, this is better than a music's a live show." I thought. I didn't want to scare him, because he looked very "into the music" and I didn't know if he wanted an audience, so I hid behind the bar and just listened to the music. About forty-five minutes later I decided to make myself know. (Mainly because I was numb in all the wrong places and HB had fallen asleep.)

    "Hey HB, wake up. I"ll help get you to your room." He puts up no fight and comes along. After I get him to bed, I head to my room. A few hours of sleep and I am ready to go, but I was worried about HB.

  2. After that long ride, sleep was good, but the prospect of shopping was refreshing. Of course with no one around, one could hardly call it shopping. So at six o'clock, I'm up and ready for action. HB is still sound asleep. Prefect. I'll just "borrow" the Hummer. :( My first stop is a Starbuck's. Life is good when you don't have to wait two hours for your coffee. Yeay! A western store across the street is my next stop. "We need some fun clothing" I thought. What a nice hat. Prefect for HB. A local shopping mall is next in my journey. Bell bottoms, bondage pants, some rock shirts, a few new pair of shoes, all prefect for my look. I stop at a Barnes and Noble to grab some good reading material, because who knows when a good time to read could just pop out and some Barry Manilow CD's to add to my collection. Better get groceries. Men aren't always that reliable with food. All natural veggies, lean meat, some seasonings, and of course herbs and a portable grill and charcoal.

    When I get back HB is waiting outside looking quite frazzled. Of course I did take his dog and the Hummer.

    DL6:..."You shower, NOW.... I 'll get some coffee going. Come over after you get cleaned up..I did some other shopping some new clothes for me....and a....HAT!!.... for you.

    Poor guy, he looked so confused. He walked off shaking his head and talking to his dog.

    I start on lunch. We're going to need a good meal. Soon I have spiced steaks and salad ready and a pitcher of tea.

    After we eat, it was about time to head out, "Can I drive? Please??!?!?!?!

    :( I'll be careful, I promise."

    HB: "Ok, and you better be careful"

    Dl6: "yeay!!!!"

    I love driving and soon we are at the Red River Bridge and there is no way to get through. Oh well, guess I'll have a little fun while i'm alive and I procede to go off road. "this is fun!" we got to the Mall around 10

  3. September 22nd, 2004

    "Ok, i finally get it. You are right of course, if there is only a small group left on this planet then we are screwed. we'd have to not only figure out how to survive and get everyone together, but also isolate the nulcear power plants and stuff like that. Well, what am I doing just jabbering on, lets see which airport he's headed. there is a small airfield about 12 miles from here and I can get us inside to use the communication system

    HB:"That sounds good to me. "

    As we head toward the airport, all we is empty houses and burnt cars.

    DL6:"This is depressing everyone I know is gone. POOF! It is scary to think of what might have happened."

    HB: "I know it is. Have you contacted anyone you know? Have you heard anything out of anyone?"

    DL6: "Nope, just a few PM from other members."

    HB: "So how do you know about the communication system?"

    DL6: "One of my friends was training to be a pilot. I sure miss her."

    I cry a bit thinking of my friends that have dissappeared. Many of them would be dead useful right about now. We pull into the airport and of course no one is there. I pick up the nearest rock and chunk it through the door. We hurry to get to the controls, fearing the plane would be too far away.

    Headborg picks up the mic and I flip some switches.

    HB: "Hello, is anyone able to hear me? Hello?"

    Nothing, the plane was gone.

  4. September 15, 2004:

    "bringgggg, bringgggg" the sounds of my alarm clock right in my ear. another day of school has began. As I walk to the kitchen for my milk, I notice that my dad isn't there eating breakfast like normal. Neither is my mom. "hmm. must have left early." I go through my normal routine til it is time to catch the bus. As I am standing on the drive way, no one else is around on my street, i see a lot of billowing smoke on the highway and on the mountains. i call the police and fire department but no answer. I get on the internet and realize that none of the news websites have been updated since yesterday. "That is too unreal maybe I am asleep" i slap myself a clap times and sure enough, i totally awake and now have red marks on me. suddenly i have an urge to check my emails. the first hotmail one had nothing, and neither did the second, yahoo, nope, then a wild idea came to me, my email.......

  5. 70°F

    Fair Feels Like



    UV Index: 0 Low

    Dew Point: 58°F

    Humidity: 65%

    Visibility: 10.0 miles

    Pressure: 30.15 inches and rising

    Wind: calm


    they have us in a thunderstorm warning, but there is nothing on the radar :innocent: