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  1. Both my parents love star trek! They were the ones to get me hooked lol. My mom has seen every movie except for nemesis at least 3 times. I watch them so much how could she not. She is not old enough to have seen TOS but she had watched reruns of it played. Dad was not into star trek until the mid 80's so same thing with him. I think the first movie he saw was the wrath of Khan.

  2. lol i dont know......seems to me they wouldnt be able to make their way home but who knows. I have read about the deflector before and it does deflect space particles from hitting the ship.

  3. lol it looks like this is quite a hot topic. I know that as a teenager without a job it is very hard for me to save enough money to buy seperate seasons of star trek on dvd. Especially with a 70$ price tag and above. I have mentioned it before but when my parents downgraded our cable, i did not get spike tv anymore and i wasnt able to watch the tng and ds9 reruns. so if there was a way to get just a few episodes on the net then i would be happy. obviously there are a lot of views on this but i think that it should be allowed as long as you dont download whole seasons or anything.

  4. hey man i went to torrents and i dont understand......everytime i click on a link for a download all i get is java script. ive sorta given up hope with kazaa cause i can never connect with anyone. my parents downgraded our cable last year and i dont get spike tv anymore i cant watch my reruns lol. Im about to die.....anyone else have any links/suggestions?

  5. I asked this same question when i first joined about tng eps and no one really helped me lol. But there are a bunch on kazaa. And these guys are right kazaa lite is WAY better. Ill never go back to the original with all that spyware crap. Anyways the only prob u may encounter is that u cant get connected to a user. So just be patient and just keep trying. There are very few actual sites to download them off of. BTW what is a torrent site....never heard of one.

  6. Great points harry!! ill admit that u have pointed out some grave errors in the enterprise series. ill also admit that i have been losing interest lately in enterprise (i dont quite know why). In fact i enjoy watching tng and ds9 on spike when i cant see anything (we only get fuzz lol)....I can hear it quite well (about the quality of the radio). Im not harsh enough to say the series needs cancelled, just a lot of reworking. Im quite hopefull that they can make it more interesting next season.

  7. I can stand the ent series, but way!!!! I just dont think the crew could cut it to be on a big time trek film (no offense to anybody out there). If you look at the TNG crew and obviously TOS crew they had it together and entertained audiences. I find enterprises crew to be fairly boring and in my opinion Capt. Archer (Scot Bacula) isnt a very good actor (im prob making a lot of people mad but it is just my oppinion). The show is good enough for tv.....nothing else.