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  1. I haven't forgotten that Kirk hated the Klingons or that Spock signed him up for that mission, but it seems to me the anger went beyond that. He said, "Why didn't you trust me?"


    I don't think the tension is due to anything other than Spock 'personally vouching' for Kirk and crew but I to have never worked what the 'should've trusted me' line meant.

  2. In keeping with my trend these days of reviewing the Star Trek movies, I now turn to Insurrection. My cinematic experience of this film was marred due to someone sitting beside me and breathing through their nosethroughout the film



    When I went to see it, I was sitting beside some stupid woman who had (for reasons which escape me) an alarm clock in her bag. She just waited until it stopped ringing instead of turning it off! The worse thing was, it happend near the end of the film when everything was coming togther!

  3. The funniest thing about reused footge in DS9 is that the USS Majestic gets destroyed three times. I can just imagine the faces of the cadets when they are told where they are being assigned.


    Lt. JONES: Right cadets, here are your new assignments. Smith?

    CADET SMITH: Yes sir!

    Lt JONES: You've got the Sarajevo. Mul'pag?

    CADET MUL'PAG: Yes sir!

    Lt JONES: Congratulations, you've got the Enterprise.

    CADET MUL'PAG: Sweet! The flagship! No battle for me!

    Lt JONES: Indeed. Erickson?

    CADET ERICKSON: Yes sir!

    Lt JONES: Ah... oh dear. You've got the Majestic. Sorry 'bout that. Luck of the draw.

    CADET ERICKSON: Oh... piss and vinegar. Anyone want to swap? Guys? Please...?

  4. Following on from this, do you get the new Avengers in America? Its stared MacNee with Gareth hunt and Joanna Lumbly. It was really great and Diana Rigg makes a guest appearance in it although I think they just cut in some old unused footgage, I haven't seen it in a long time.


    Also, did you know in the first series (the episodes are sadly lost now) that MacNee wasn't the star of the show? Ian Hendry as Dr David Keel is the star. MacNess as Steed serves as the sidekick. The series as we know i.e. Steed and girl began with Season Two when Honour Blackman joins Steed.

  5. Edinburgh, where I live is packed out with ghost stories. Indeed, there is an entire branch of the Scottish Tourist industry involved in walking tours that deal specifically with tales of ghouls and horror.


    I used to work as a tour guide at a specific attraction. It was called the 'Vault's. Basically it was this: A bridge had been built between the high point of the old town and the lowlands of the new town. Buildings were built on either side of the bridge so only one of the arches now still shows. The 'vaults' are basically the hidden arches of the bridge and in the 17th and 18th centuries these became the homes of the ultra-poor and the criminal element of Edinburgh. Disease was rife and tragedy was common place.


    Anyway, in my time working in the vaults myself and others have seen no end of strange things. I have seen the ghost of a little boy dressed in blue who fell in to the works of the bridge when it was being constructed and who was crushed. I have also heard the footsteps of a entity the older guides called Mr Boots as well as his sinister breathing. One of the senior guides, who claims to be a sensitive, told me that he regularly pesters her when she is down there. She said he once stood at the back of her group and she could see his face which was all bloody and instead of eyes there were just vacant sockets.


    One summer, the Edinburgh City Council who ultimately own the property, had a open day of all there tourist attractions. People could get in free to the vaults. Our booss counted in the thousands had passed through the vaults. The next day when my friend Dave went to light the candles for the evening tours he was chased out by a deafening breathing which followed him around the vaults. Some believe that whatever is in the vaults hates that people come and visit it and the more people the more angry he gets.


    Anyway thats just some of the weird stuff that goes on in Edinburgh.

  6. I like this film. I can see all the bits it fall down at - the comedy is a bit misguided at parts - but V has some of the best moents in all the Trek movies. I cried the first time I saw Bones being forced to end his fathers suffering and laughed out loud when Kirk asks 'What does God need with a starship?'. This is a good film and I would rather watch this one than that horrendous Insurrection.

  7. Of all the commemorative stuff that has been on the news and the history channels, this is probably the best tribute to that dark day I've seen. It's three years on and people are beginning to see 9/11 as just an event - the same way people now see World War II as an event. But we must never forget that people died and this video couldn't have put it better.

  8. In UK, Sky One plays Voyager and Enterpise back to back at dinner time and then usually plays them both again late at night. At one point they ran thru DS9 at six in the morning. At weekends they usually have more Voy and three eps of TNG aswell occasional sci-fi theme nights where Trek will usually get a place. When Ent is on it is broadcast on a Monday night. On top of that I have the majority of eps on DVD and video so all in all I watch a hell of a lot of trek. Help me, for God's sake help me!

  9. Its not a question of wether we want the series to return as a film or not. It sis up to Paramount to decide wether the movie-going public knows the crew and adventures of Voyager as well as it does does Kirk's Enterprise and Picard's Enterprise. Thats why in my mind there will never be a DS9 movie. Apart from the fact the end was so final, DS9 is probably the least known series of the Trek franchise.


    Also, the whole point of Voyager was to explore what hadn't been explored before. Having adventures out of the delta quadrent would simply be TNG Lite if you will. Fine, we care about the characters but that won't mean anything in trying to launch a movie for the general public.

  10. I agree with Va Beach Guy. For me the first episode is Man Trap and I always watch Trek in the broadcast order. It does annoy me somewhat that the pilot episode is therefore fourth but Classic Trek is mostly stand alone stories anyway which can be veiwed in any order.