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  1. The Federation maybe at peace but in Romulan, and other more sinister places things are drawing togher, their plan to invade and conqure the Fereration while it is still realing from the after effects of Star Trek Nemesis. Do you want to make a diffrence, fight the good fight?


    The 121st Battalion Alpha Fleet Marine Corps isa now recruiting.

    We are seeking 7 Officers and 14 NCO's . Please understand that

    the Marine Corps is going through changes to try and get the corps

    running smoothly and we need strong simmers to help us. We welcome

    new and experianced simmers to the group. To request one of the post please e-mail We hope to hear from you soon.

  2. I watched First Contact again today and I noted they said first contact took place about ten years after WWIII.  Supposedly the death toll was immense, most major cities were destroyed and political alliances as we know them seemed not to exist.


    Does it seem logical under those circumstances that anyone would be able to develop warp drive? 


    It seems to me if we had a war of that magnitude we would slip backward not forward with technology and social development.

    The reported death toll according to Commander Riker was 300 Million.