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  1. I think that would be neat but it could backfire on them. Already so many non-ENT-fans accuse tptb of gimmicking up ENT for ratings, they'll have new ammo. One episode wont secure it's future anyway. They need to write episodes giving us ALL what we EXPECTED from it, then it's prosperity will grow from it's new-found popularity.

    I agree. Season 3 had many great episodes and the actors have really gotten into their roles. If they try to "change" the series now the ratings would drop even lower.

  2. they just care about ratings...

    Well, it's a TV channel, what are they supposed to care about?

    They want to make money, can't blaim them for that..


    I don't get Spike TV here in Sweden, but I can understand why you guys are mad.

    They will probably move DS9 back to it's original timeslot later on.