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    In season 1 episode 15 Balance of Terror, they show the base being destroyed and then they show the romulan ship disappearing. Also there is an inconstancy in romulan uniforms, the centurions in the episode are with a red uniform, then in season 3 episode 2 The Enterprise Incident they are blue. Just wanted to point this out, sorry my first post was so negative.
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    Star Trek: Picard

    I found Picard to be an interesting sort of side show to Star Trek. It feels/felt more like a spin-off than a true continuation. Sure, sure, there's arguments to be made that it's a continuation... It's got Picard as the protagonist, and we get to see some of the old crew, and it takes place long after TNG, etc. I'm talking about how it felt/feels to me. It doesn't feel like Star Trek to me. However, most of the stuff with the Star Trek logo on it doesn't feel like Star Trek to me.
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