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    First time in years I have rewatched Star Trek episodes multiple times, not in the previous two seasons of Discovery, nor in Picard. I watched the ending of S3 E2 so many times I have lost track. I started this season irked because somehow in the future the Federation was gone, but even in E1 the hope of the Federation persists in such a way that it is inspiring. But while I loved the ending of E1, the ending of E2 felt so much like the Star Trek of old, I have watched it over and over. I get the same feeling. And in each of the episodes we have seen Discovery embodying the Federation in what they do to help who they encounter, keeping hope alive, even with Michelle Yeoh’s character non-Federation interjections. I loved Saru’s comment about dialogue being a tool, and how Earth and Titan will work out their problems. I loved Tilly hugging the tree, finding something on Earth that remembered her. I find the first three episodes of S3 rich enough to consider again and again. *I went back and checked to see if I really didn’t review episodes, and I did review a few after all, just not with the current enthusiasm.
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