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    This version title is a bit confusing to me. I can not find this version on BD. But is is on Vudu for rent and buy for streaming only. https://www.vudu.com/content/movies/details/title/180841 I think things are also more confusing in that the DVD Special Edition is actually the Director's Cut. Yes No ? And I think those terms get switched around often. So if this Vudu ( I also found it this exact same title on my Xfinity account, see screen snip attached) just the DVD Special Edition. Or do they have a better up-scaled version not available on a disc for us to purchase. The BD I have is just a bad transfer of the theatrical release. Or more simply; is there a Blu-Ray ST6 Director's Cut? (even better 4KBD!) Maybe there is a link that explains all this I am not aware of? Thanks (Trek Lives !)
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