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    Hello - I'm new!

    Tee hee... So, while researching Blu Ray players, that also led me to learn about 4k and led me to look at TVs. We do have a flatscreen already that handles HD, but it is on the smaller side - 32 inch - because of the set up we have -we cannot do the larger TVs. I have a smattering of movies that came as set with DVD/Blu Ray/ Digital, with the idea that we would eventually get a Blu Ray player. I too am not ready to give up my DVDs and the player I have also has a built in DVR and can also wrote to DVD, something hard to get now. I know it was startling the difference between the remastered TOS DVDs, so now I must see TNG Blu Rays! All I need to do now is figure out which Blu Ray player to get. 8-) Thanks again!
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