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  1. blech! I'd be sooooo freaked out if a spider came crawling out of my ear.
  2. Aww come on... the guys were being nice and offered that tribble burger. I mean, some of my favorite animals are cows and I do not freak out when somebody cooks a steak. I just go ahead and order one too. Chickens are also favorite animals of mine, as well as favorite food of mine Besides at Tribbles reproduction rate, it would not endanger their species much to have some cooked with fries... LOL. Yeah, yeah.. I am defending the guys here this time :blush 2: . But I had not eaten lunch yet, and the tribble burgers smelled good. *looks around at the mess* Yeesh it's no wonder your ship hasn't blown up from how messy it is here. That's a good point... Fry me up a tribble burger XD
  3. Same with me but I think I'm slowly getting over the allergy. I think the earring I'm wearring right now are surgical stainless steel but I can't be sure, they were a gift ^___^
  4. Yes, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope everybody has a good start of year.
  5. ***You Are 76% Intuitive*** You are a very intuitive person. And luckily, your intuition is normally right. You're wise enough to know that relying on intuition alone can be dangerous. When your intuition seems really off, you tend to ignore it - and look at the facts instead. How Intuitive Are You? That seems about right.
  6. I just beat it but I didn't get all of the pearls and pictures of the animals. So I was wondering, has ayone ever played it and beaten it with all the pearls and animals? And does anyone know if theirs going to be a sequel? I'm going nuts over the ending with Jade and the Domz and Pey'J and his Domz growth at the end of the credits.
  7. Are they hard, slightly disturbing. Please give me some insight on these classes before I give my fire chief my final answer on if I'm going to take it.
  8. sorfiwien -- [noun]: A master of storytelling I like mine
  9. not exactly what i was thinking but it could apply to those kind of plates. i nevver did imply what sort of plate actually.
  10. I pulled this prank on my friend Brittany telling her that I am 3/4 Vulcan and 1/4 Human. And I went on telling her how my grandmother was human and grand father was Vulcan and their child got together with a Vulcan and had me. So then I told her that my real parents from Vulcan left me on Earth and my Human parents adopted me and had my appearence changed so I would seem human. She fell for it too. It was awesome. The after we had our laugh she smacked me... So has anyone else done this to one of their friends before? Feel free to share your experiences or if you don't feel like sharing you can comment on other peoples fun.
  11. When my grandmother died she left me her collectors Spockplate does anyone else collect these?
  12. it did my parents were talking about that movie the day my dad brought the kitten home. gizmo wasn't even a month old when my dad found him. poor kitties mom most likely fell into the creek nearby 'cuz my dad look all around for the mother. sound cute and kinda funny. my cat used to go crazy whenever she saw her reflection in anything. she would jump up and down and try to kill her reflection. it was sooo funny.
  13. That's how I learned how to do it. My friend Luis taught me how to do it when I was 8 so I could join a club with him. I never did join though.
  14. I agree with you. Comcast is the worst I prefer direct tv. My parents prefer comcast though so thats what company we deal with.
  15. I can do it with both hands. But I didn't know what I was doing until a couple years ago.
  16. my dad has always called me "sneakers" and my mom calls me baby girls. i get kinda annoying when they actually call me that in public just so they can embarrass me.
  17. one of my classmates were being a bit rasist to out substitute earth science teacher because of her accent and her nationality. me and my friend reported him to the sub and the normal teacher. i hope he get in school for that she was one of the nicest subs i have ever had.
  18. i cant show the pic but heres the link at least my desktop
  19. both are awsome. link and inuyasha are my fave though. i do play chrone trigger and it's sequal
  20. days and it killed me. i hate missing any kind of trek. i just like tears my heart out.
  21. i got alice oh yea how do u post ur results i did it once before but now i cant remember how i did it
  22. We used to have little suicidal shark fish. We'd wake up in the morning and walk into the living room and one of them would be laying on the floor. We even triend covering up the extra little holes in the yop of the fish tank but we think they got out at the corner where we had the water circulator thingy. ^_^ I can't think today :( Maybe you should of called him Stripe. Why stripe? Stripe was the mischievous leader of the bad Mogwai in the movie Gremlins. oh haven't seen that movie since i was a little kid your kitten sounds cute
  23. how do u post it, i only know how to do the print screen thing.