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Poll Says Trek's Scariest Episode Is...

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What is the scariest Trek episode? That's the question asked last week for a Halloween-centric poll. Fans could pick from the following treats: "Empok Nor," Frame of Mind," "Impulse," Night Terrors," "The Enemy Within," "The Haunting of Deck Twelve," "The Thaw" and "Wolf in the Fold." Thousands of fans voted, and here are the results:

"Empok Nor"

"Empok Nor" (23%)

Night Terrors

"Night Terrors" (21%)

"The Haunting of Deck Twelve"

"The Haunting of Deck Twelve" (14%)

"Frame of Mind"

"Frame of Mind" (12%)

"The Enemy Within"

"The Enemy Within" (11%)

"Wolf in the Fold"

"Wolf in the Fold" (8%)

"The Thaw"

"The Thaw" (6%)


"Impulse" (4%)

And how many votes did your choice scare up?

Be sure to vote in this week's poll...Vote-Now-Button1.jpg

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