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  1. Ah, very good idea! I like Canadian Bacon, Italian sausage ~~ the spicy kind!~~ and pineapple. One topping I definitely don't like is anchovies. :P I once had heartburn so bad, I thought I was a goner! :P
  2. My fav team is the two-time World Series Champions Minnesota Twins! Woo hoo!
  3. Well, NASCAR fans, the Nextel Cup racing continues this weekend in Las Vegas. Naturally, I'll be once again rooting for Mark Martin. w00t! w00t! Maybe the weather here will be crappy, so I'm more apt to stay inside. If Sunday is as balmy as last weekend, I may find if very difficult to sit indoors. I think the spring cleaning "bug" may have bit me in the posterior. LOL!
  4. Wow! I was drifting backwards through old CC posts, and came across this one, from May 19th, 2004. What surprised me was the lack of posts - only one. Though, maybe there is a baseball thread in another forum, Parrises Square Court. If a mod happens to read this, maybe this ought to be moved there. Else, I may just start up a new one at PSC. Eitherway, this topic deserves more attention. Hmmm... who was it that liked the Mariners ... BakulaBabe? I hope to add bits and pieces of the baseball scene from time to time. Right now, its the Grapefruit League in the Florida area. That is where the Minnesota Twins have their spring training - specifically at Ft. Myers. I'm curious to see if a local Minnesotan, from Rochester, Michael Restovich, gets to play full time in the big leagues. Else, he may end up at another club.
  5. It's been awhile since I posted here. By now, you all know that the NHL season is offically cancelled. :) I certainly hope and pray that the players and owners don't table this dilemma until the fall, but try to resolve it. It would be tragic, and maybe fatal for some clubs, if the lockout continues into the next season. On to peewee hockey. This is Luke's last week of hockey. A couple of scrimmages with the Squirt A team, then the end of the year party on Saturday. And the parents get their lives, and evenings, back! LOL! :)
  6. :) Yeah, me too. However, I seem to recall that the drivers gauge their speed by the RPMs. They determine the proper RPM to use in the pits while following the pace car. Or something like that.
  7. No, MP, the drivers really don't have time to relax. Between monitoring the radio chatter from the pit crew chief, and the "spotter" ( who helps the driver find the best line to drive on the track, as well as avoid other cars that crashed), and keeping a close eye on the vehicles around his car ~~ you notice that they drive within inches of each other! ~~ the driver really can't afford to listen to CDs. Besides, the roar of the engine is so loud, that a major "boom box" would be needed, and there really isn't room for one. The weight of the car is critical to maximizing the MPGs, and so only essential items are used. I don't believe that the cars even have AC! :)
  8. Eating some homemade apple crisp (my wife made it)! Delicious!! :biggrin:
  9. It seems a thread about NASCAR is in order. So here it is. :biggrin: Anyone watch today's race? I saw the beginning, and left at 169 laps, when Mark Martin ~~ Woo Hoo! ~~ was in third place. I took Luke with me to Menards, then to Wal-Mart. The race was over by the time I returned. But it was Greg Biffle, not Martin, who won the race. And what about #24? It seems his car threw a piston, so Gordon finished 30th :: Jaz sheds crocodile tears. LOL! :: and Martin ended up in 7th place.
  10. Yes, I am having fun. Do you like to play baseball?
  11. I'll take serving on a star ship. Would you rather be serving on DS9 or Enterprise NX-01?
  12. Ditto for me. I didn't realize that you're the same height as my wife! And I'm 6'!
  13. I am washing a load of bath towels, and playing mah jong solitarie on Yahoo Games.
  14. :P LMAO! B) That is a gem, cptwright! B)
  15. I voted "Hell Yeah!" The way I see it, you can't get enough of a good thing. B) It would allow me to improve my trivia prowness, too. Are you reading this ST? :P
  16. Remember? Dude, I can give you a link where you can buy cases of it! 305666[/snapback] B) Whoa dude! Send me the link! :P
  17. For a real caffeine kick, do you remember "Jolt"? Whoa baby! That stuff gave me serious heartburn! :P
  18. Lately, the TV shows that I most enjoy watching include Enterprise, CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, NASCAR races, college basketball ~~ woo hoo! March Madness is coming! ~~ Without a Trace, Late Nite with David Letterman, and any news program ( local, national, 60 Minutes, etc.). Favorite TV channels would include The History Channel, Spike TV, and Sci Fi. :P
  19. Watching the CBS news. They interviewed the troops returning to nearby Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin. These were soldiers involved with the fuel truck convoy that was ambushed early in the war. One member is missing in action, and believed to be captured. :P
  20. If I had to choose one, I'd go with Batman. He's a brainy sort, necessary to solve the Riddler's clues. And he has some nifty gadgets. I'd love to cruise in the Batmobile, ala the George Barris version, from the TV show. B) His black batsuit is pretty "tight", as well. B) :P
  21. I have an e machines cpu and a Samsung flat screen monitor. I 'm thinking of going back to Best Buy and trade up my cpu for a better one - DVD/CD- ROM, and better graphics card to run PC games. I'm keeping the monitor. Its great! :P
  22. Wow! I was just in Georgia last week. I spent most of the time in Columbus and Ft. Benning. You have a very beautiful state. I enjoyed the scenery between Atlanta and Columbus. I don't know that I'd move there, however. The drivers, IMO, are like maniacs! I had trouble changing lanes or merging with traffic as the other drivers zipped past me on both sides. Yikes! BTW, I picked "in the country". :jem'hadar:
  23. It appears that success breeds success. As much as I didn't want to see "pretty boy" Jeff Gordon win, it seems that he and his crew know how to win. Gotta give him credit. I'm glad that Mark finished in the top 10; sixth , actually. There is still a lot of racing ahead. Woo hoo!
  24. It's lap 162 of the Daytonna 500 as I type this, and #15 Michael Waltrip just pitted. It looks as if his motor blew. Too bad. I was also rooting for #17 Matt Kenseth, but he's out also, due to a motor failure. However, Mark Martin is in 5th place. Woo hoo! Now, back to the race. Where did I put my salsa....? LOL!